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Over 12 Welcome Back to School Letters

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Back to school time means getting to know new classrooms, new subjects, and new teachers! If you’re a teacher welcoming new students, you might be thinking of ways to get to know them and make them feel at ease. If you’re a parent, you might be thinking of ways to help your kids get to know their new educators.

These welcome back to school letters can help! There are ideas here for teachers who want to meet new students and parents, as well as ideas for students to get to know their new teachers this year!

Back to School Welcome Letters

Over 12 Welcome Back to School Letters

1. This printable Welcome Packet is perfect for welcoming kids and parents to the first day of school!

2. Have kids who are feeling nervous about a new teacher? Use this printable Welcome Back Letter for Kids to help them write down facts about themselves to share!

3. This About Me Printable Letter is a super idea for teachers to introduce themselves to the class. Put one in each child’s folder!

4. Help your children show their new teachers some love with this adorable Back to School Sharpie Letter Gift!

5. Need a standard letter you can use again and again? Try the ideas in this Welcome Back to School Letter Template!

6. Congratulate new kids on surviving the first day back with these printable First Day of School Certificates!

7. Invite kids to express their feelings about their new class with this printable Take Home Student Survey!

Back to School Welcome Letter Ideas

8. Print some of these All About Me Teacher Introduction worksheets and let the kids introduce themselves to the class!

9. Part of welcoming kids back to school is getting their updated information. This printable Student Contact Card is  a simple way to keep up with changes of address and contact info!

10. These Sample Back to School Welcome Letters offer suggestions for open house night, the first day of school, letters to parents, and more!

11. This printable Back to School Themed Memo Paper is perfect for writing your own back to school welcome letters!

12. Having an open house event soon? Use this printable Welcome Back to School Night Flyer to let parents know!

13. Ever thought about “inviting” kids back to school? These cute Customizable Back to School Invitations are a fun way to do it!

14. Let kids say “hello” to the new school year with this printable Hello, Goodbye School Poem Printable!

Back to School Welcome Letter Ideas

Welcome Back to School Letters Resources:

Create your own welcome back to school letters with these resources!

First Day of School Letter Ideas for Parents and Teachers

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