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National Craft Month Fun Projects

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National Craft Month is observed every March, which makes March the perfect time to try some new crafting projects! These National Craft Month fun projects feature easy crafts that you and your kids can make together!

March is the beginning of spring, so it’s a great time to try spring crafts, including rainbows, flowers, baby animals, and more! Look for spring crafts in the list below. But if you’d also like some crafts you can do all year long, there are crafts using basic household items such as paper plates, popsicle sticks, and recycled materials. Plus, there are ideas for making your own crafting supplies!

With this list, you’ll be crafting all months long!

National Craft Month Fun Projects for Kids

National Craft Month Fun Projects:

1. Have some old items lying around the house? Upcycle them with these DIY Crafts Using Recycled Materials!

2. Learn how to make your own Homemade Glitter to dress up your crafts!

3. Help the kids learn about light with this Paper Plate Rainbow Craft!

4. Welcome the sunshine with this cute Washi Tape Heart Suncatcher Craft!

5. Use old milk cartons to make these adorable Milk Carton Pen Pots!

6. Let the kids make these Printable Silly Animal Envelopes and send silly notes to each other!

7. Salt dough is an easy dough to make at home. This list of over 25 Salt Dough Crafts will give you plenty of ideas!

8. Make these cute Snazzy Jazzy Button Bracelets and play dress-up with the kids!

9. Grab your old crayons and make these lovely Cookie Cutter Crayons!

10. March is typically a windy month. Your kids will love making this DIY Paper Bag Kite – complete with winder!

11. Love birds? Create this adorable Cupcake Liner Parrot!

12. Popsicle sticks are a wonderful crafting medium. Get some ideas from this list of Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids!

13. If your kids love the heart suncatcher, they’ll have fun making this Suncatcher Jellyfish Craft too!

14. There are so many crafts you can make with paper plates. Try this huge list of Paper Plate Crafts for Kids during March!

15. Get some craft sticks and paint to make these easy Popsicle Stick Frogs!

National Craft Month Projects for Kids

16. Help the kids get ready to learn about insects with this cute Yarn-Wrapped Caterpillar and Butterfly Craft!

17. Looking for another paper plate craft? Try this Rainbow Mandala made from a paper plate!

18. Don’t let your little ones feel left out? These Fun Toddler Craft Ideas are perfect for tiny hands!

19. Explore a windy afternoon with these DIY Neon Chalk Pinwheels!

20. Get your kids ready for reading with these fun Printable Dinosaur Bookmarks they can color!

21. Welcome birds back to your yard with this easy Paper Plate Bird Feeder!

22. Your active kids will love making this DIY Stick Slingshot Craft – and playing with it!

23. These Pipe Cleaner Daffodils and Tulips are just lovely. A perfect spring activity!

24. Look for snails in your garden and then make this fun Stick Snail Craft!

25. Grab some stones from the yeard and make these DIY Stone Pendants!

26. These Letter of the Week Crafts are an awesome resource for teaching the alphabet to your preschooler!

27. Get the kids back outside with this DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch craft!

28. These lovely Felt Flower Hair Accessories are perfect for your little girls to make and wear!

29. Make these adorable DIY Candy Button Dot Earrings and share them with your kids!

30. Introduce math with this smart Craft Stick Abacus for kids!

Fun Kids Craft Projects to Try

National Craft Month Project Resources:

Make these and other fun projects during National Craft Month with these affiliate resources from Amazon!

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