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Are You Raising Teddy Bears?

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My Daddy is a sensitive Man’s Man!  I can remember watching Old Yeller and looking at my Daddy rubbing his eyes.  I asked, “Are you crying?” 😉 He pretended that his deafness had already set in.  Yes, my tough Daddy who could hold me for hours was crying over a dog he didn’t even know.  Consequently, I have always modeled my choice of guys after my Daddy.  Tough, flirtatious, and oh so cuddly!  My man is SWEET, but he can kick your… well, let’s just say he can lift my van!  It is my job as the Momma Bear only female in my house to raise Teddy Bears as well.

are your boys too sensitive?

What is a Teddy Bear?

They are tough looking guys that can hold their own in any male situation: Hunting, Fishing, Wrestling, Racing, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Business, Weight Lifting, etc.  They usually have pretty deep and intimidating voices (think of the growl of a bear).  However, they are not afraid of their inner little girl, either, and that makes those tough-looking BEARS, soft as cotton on the inside like a Teddy Bear.

I am, by the way, I am raising teddy bears – also known as Raising gentlemen!

Below are a few traits that a typical “Teddy Bear” has:

1.  They aren’t afraid to hold babies!  They are not only NOT afraid to hold them, but they are Kings of the Baby talk and are extremely comfortable with fragile little babies in their big, tough, hands.

2.  Their hard muscles are covered by soft and sensitive skin and they want things that feel good.  They don’t want to dry off with old scratchy towels.  Instead, they want big, plush, and fluffy towels on their skin!

3.  They love animals!  Yes, they usually hunt and fish – but when it comes to domesticated animals, they treat them just like babies!

4.  They aren’t afraid of pink!  Pink is just another color to show off their manliness.  Seriously, a man that isn’t afraid to wear pink – YES!

5.  Secure in their masculinity – think of this one the way you will.  They aren’t phobic about certain things… they aren’t afraid to show their softer side, either.  Our teddy bears are so very comfortable in their own soft skin.  Period.

Are you raising sensitive guys by example?

6.  Not scared of those 3 little words!  They wear their feelings on their pink sleeves. 😉  They might not be the most romantic in the world (because, after all, they are still Macho Men), but they have no problems telling those important to them they they are loved.

7.  Will watch “girlie” movies!  Plus, they actually kind of like them.  My man (and my boys) have been known to repeat a romantic line from a movie!  They take notes in their heads and pull them out when necessary. LOL!

8.  Love old people!  Oh man, this kind of goes back to the babies and pets things.  Old people are here to be respected and revered and our Teddy Bears show it!

9.  Feelings aren’t things to keep bottled up – They cry at movies, birth, sad things, sweet things, whatever – they cry and aren’t afraid to!

10.  Women are not only respected, but cherished! This – this is the most important part.  Even my boys show this (most of the time).  I can remember when Tripp was about 3 or 4 and he told me about a boy hitting a girl on the playground.  His words were, “Should we call the Police, Momma?”  I said, “No honey – she is ok.” To which he replied, “But!!!  It is AGAINST THE LAW for boys to hit girls – NO MATTER WHAT!!!!” 😉  Sounds good to me. 🙂

AND… if they meet a fellow member of the male species that doesn’t do these things, there might be a serious “Come to Jesus Meeting” that could, perhaps, get a bit physical!  Trust me, your Teddy Bears are VERY tough and a bit scary (like a Bear, Buddy!!) but their insides are cottony soft like the things they like to pet, cuddle, and rub against that sensitive skin (see number 2) of theirs.

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This post is brought to you by the softness of Royal Velvet Signature Soft Towels at JCPenney! Although I received compensation for this post, any stated opinions are strictly my own!

 Are you raising Teddy Bears? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below:

Sharing is caring!


Saturday 28th of March 2015

Love this post! Give me a teddy bear any day! One of the things I love about my husband is that I have seen him tear up at movies, and yet he can be tough when he has to be.

Kelli Miller

Saturday 28th of March 2015

TY!! Yep, they are truly the very best husbands out there, at least for me. :-)