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Menu Plan Monday: Free Easter Menu Printable

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I love to have a fun menu on my fridge and have really enjoyed making them for you.  Someone actually asked me if I could compile all of the ones I have made into one place.  I have added that to my to do list and will get on it very soon. Smile  Until then, click the image above to get a free, blank (and adorable) menu planning sheet for this week before Easter!

I also have a Rada Cutlery Giveaway over at 3 Boys and a Dog, Deals this week!

Now, on to my menu:

Monday:  Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Beans, and Rolls

Tuesday: GAME TIME!  Once again, we will be at the High School Ballpark Smile

Wednesday: Southwestern Cheesy Chicken, Corn, and Spanish Rice

Thursday: Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce

Friday:  Leftovers if we have any, if not Salad and Jerk Chicken Nachos

Saturday: GAME TIME! We will spend all day (Double Header) at the Park.. that means probably leftover burgers or ordering in Pizza.

Sunday: Easter Dinner – not quite sure what all we are having yet.  My guess is that we will be having Ham and Potato Salad.  Probably Macaroni and Cheese and Greens.  Hmm.. oh, I am also sure we will be having deviled eggs and a cake for dessert.  Other than that, not really sure.

This menu is linked to Org Junkie and Susie QT Pies

Sharing is caring!