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Kindle Fire Apps For Kids

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I’m a huge fan of my kids owning their Kindle Fires. I wanted to share with you about some of the Kindle Fire apps for kids that they enjoy playing the most on their Kindles. I recruited my kids for this post. They each shared their favorite apps that they love playing. I hope that these suggestions will be ones that your kids will enjoy too.

Kindle Fire Apps


Kindle Fire Apps for Kids Suggestions From Kids

My nine year olds top choices of games:

1.) Plasma Sky – Rad Space Shooter is a game where he has to stop other ships from killing him. It is slow paced enough that he can enjoy the battle.

2.) Bad Piggies Free is a game that he builds cars and planes and then use those creations. The longer they survive the trip the more stars he gets. It is a game of adventure that unleashes his creative side.

3.) Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a game he actually gets to hunt down dinosaurs. He enjoys the images in this app as much as he does shooting the dinosaurs.

My six year olds top picks are:

1.) 101-in-1 Games is filled with many different types of games for him to play. He has to conquer games as he comes to them and earn enough coins to buy the other games. This allows him to feel like he’s earning the games he wants. Plus it’s a lot fun!

2.) Angry Birds Star Wars Premium HD  is another Angry Birds game. He loves all Angry Birds games, but this one is one of his favorites to date.

3.) TETRIS® Blitz  is a game that puts a good spin on Tetris. It takes Tetris and puts it in small little spurts. It also has many other add ons to make a person score better. My son likes it because I have it on my Kindle Fire too, and he likes to try to beat my score.

I wouldn’t be a fair parent if I didn’t make sure my one year old has apps to play too. These are the favorite ones she likes to use to keep herself entertained.

1.) ABC PreSchool Playground Free This app teaches her how to write her letters of the alphabet. It also gives her the chance to learn how to write letters. Her favorite part though is being able to draw.

2.) Paint Sparkles Draw – My First Coloring Book HD! This is filled with many different coloring pages for her to fill in as she pleases. She just has fun playing with the various colors and watching them load on the screen at this point in her life. However, I can see it becoming something that actually teaches her as she grows up.

3.) Color Dots – Infant Baby Game is a game where she can chase around different colored dots. For some reason she seems to get the most enjoyment over being able to do that. It must be a baby thing.

The Kindle Fire is good for many forms of entertainment for all age groups. I use it in many forms for our homeschooling courses too. Plus it saves me from having to read aloud many books because the Kindle Fire will do it for me. Now Amazon has a new Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers that I’ve got my eye on big time. I love my original Kindle Fire, but the advancements in this one make it look like it’s  worth upgrading.

What apps do you enjoy using on your Kindle Fire? 

Sharing is caring!

Kay @Kay's Korner

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

We will be moving to SC soon, thanks to Uncle Sam. Maybe we shall bump into each other!

Do you have any suggestions for educational apps? We prefer the Kindle as well, but haven't made the move because we don't know much about the educational apps.

Crystal Green

Friday 4th of October 2013

Kay, There are a few neat Kindle apps available. The selection is few compared to that found on an iPad or even android devices. I don't have a wide selection of Kindle apps to suggest. What grade is your child in?