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How To Decorate With Plants

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As a mom of three rambunctious boys, I have to take care about which types of decorations I bring into my home.  I obviously don’t want anything fragile!  Plus, being the only girl in my home, I have to be pretty sporadic with lace and frillies.

We are outdoors people and love to decorate with plants.

Today, I have a few how to decorate with plants tips to help you decorate with houseplants and decorative planters!

Plants make beautiful additions to any room’s decor. I use them constantly in my own home.

I have a few how to decorate with plants tips to help you decorate with houseplants and decorative planters! 

Here are a few tips for How To Decorate with Houseplants that you might find helpful.  The following links may contain affiliate links – this means that if you purchase anything using my links, I will make a little at no extra cost to you.

How To Decorate With Plants

Be sure to choose plants and planters that coordinate with your home and current decorations.

For example:

Grouping plants add extra impact and fill up a bare corner!  Vary the plants in height for the most pleasing outcome. If you’re using live plants, choose plants that have similar lighting and watering requirements to make life easier.

Personally, I am all about adding a couple different air plants to my space.  My favorite are the bright and beautiful Iona, the silvery Xerographica, and the gorgeously white and fuzzy Tillandsia Tectorum.  They go great together or separately.  A small and unique plant is a great conversation starter!

For more ideas, be sure to check out my go-to staple informational books:

How to decorate with plants

The heights of the plants should graduate down in small increments. It’s better to graduate down. An easy-to-make platform for decorative planters is a grouping of bricks covered with coordinating fabric from the room. If one of the plants isn’t tall enough, place it on a brick or a flat basket turned upside-down.

Balance and scale are important when placing plants in a room. You don’t want to overpower a wall, but neither do you want to plants to look lost in the space. Choose plants heights and fullness based on the space and the height of other elements in the room, such as windows, armoires, doors and so forth.

When learning how to decorate, don’t stop with just indoors!  Outdoor planters can be (and should be) just as unique!


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Tuesday 5th of July 2011

Thanks really i was searching this. thanks for sharing.

Tom @ Anxiety Treatment

Thursday 18th of November 2010

Wow! I like this post since I love plants. In our home we have hanging plants but its hard to pull out when they need water. But now that I read your post I will transfer my plants as a window box like yours. Thank you for sharing this idea it helps my problem More power!

Sam @ How To Get A Six Pack

Thursday 18th of November 2010

Planting is another way of exercise. It relaxes your mind and soul. Great post,i guess i'll keep coming back to your site. :)

Dorothy @ Kids Party Games

Thursday 18th of November 2010

Plants gives relaxing mood inside the house. Very nice idea a window box planter. Thanks for sharing some tips to choose the right plants inside our houses. :)