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Hardware Store Scavenger Hunt Printables

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Use these Hardware Store Scavenger Hunt Printables as a fun way to help the kids learn. This printable packet is free to use and fun!

If you want a new activity to get the kids active and keep them busy, download this one and print it! I’ve made it as easy as that!

These pages contain things you can buy at the local hardware store. See how many the kids can find and how many they know the names!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Scavenger hunts are great learning resources! Once the kids listen to the directions, it helps them figure out how to use their eyes and ears to find the items on the list.

This helps them learn to follow directions while keeping their eyes and mind aware and ready. This is an excellent activity for visual learners!

What it includes:

This printable packet includes a hardware scavenger hunt that all ages can enjoy. Since there are no words on one section of the cards, this is an activity that even little ones who can’t quite read can play!

You can print the colored pages or the ones in black and white. Or both – and have fun with the options!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though using a scavenger hunt is pretty straightforward, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn more from it.

Here are some other fun ideas that the kids can do using this printable as a launching point.

Use tools to create a project

Creativity is a fundamental part of a child’s development, and using tools to create simple projects is a great way to foster their imagination. Kids can use many tools to do creative projects, including craft paper, scissors, glue, markers, and crayons.

These simple materials can be used to make anything from paper chains to greeting cards. Additionally, children can expand their tools’ repertoire by including other household items, such as pipe cleaners, cotton balls, or stickers.

Whether your child is a budding artist or a craft enthusiast, providing them with tools can encourage them to explore their creativity and turn their ideas into reality.

Build a birdhouse

Building a birdhouse with your child is a fantastic way to spend quality time together while doing something constructive. Not only will it be a fun activity, but it will also provide an excellent opportunity for you to teach them the basics of woodworking.

Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they see the birds flocking to their handmade birdhouse!

When you create something with your hands, you also create a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Create a fun new tool

Now that the kids have this list of real tools they had to find, have them do their best to create a new and unique tool that no one has ever heard of.

They can give it a fun and wonky name or find the best way to market and sell the tool. Kids can easily create a tool unlike anything out there – and then try to convince you how and when to use it!



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Here are even more great printable activities for the kids! You can never have too many on hand for them to do!

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