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Halloween Decoding Worksheets

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These Halloween Decoding Worksheets are so much Halloween fun! These Halloween secret messages worksheets will give the kids a fun Halloween activity to look forward to.

If you’re looking for letter and word searches for kids, you’re not going to want to miss out on these printable activities!

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What Halloween words will be revealed? You’re going to have to decode to find out!

These worksheets are not only fun to do but they’re going to leave you wanting more! Good thing that these Halloween printables come with several options to do!

Once the kids get done with one, they can move on to solving the next!

What is the learning fun of this printable?

Since the kids will have to decode and figure out the message, this will help with their critical thinking skills. Thankfully there is an answer key that will help everyone figure out the message.

What it includes:

This fun printable pack includes worksheets that are loaded with secret messages. This is great for Halloween learning and Halloween fun. Everyone can join in and help to solve the secret phrases and messages!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Besides decoding and finding out the secret sayings, there are other fun ways that you can use this printable to think up new plans and ideas.

Turn the discovered words into a word problem

Word problems are a fun way to create fun stories. Even though the decoded message may already be a sentence, have the kids use the words on the sheet and scramble them up to say something new.

Create a Halloween color activity

Have the kids create a Halloween picture using the words on the sheet. This will have them being creative and having fun so that they can draw any Halloween scene that they can think of. Once they draw it, they have to then color it in using crayons or markers.

Print off an extra and challenge a friend

Once your kids figure out how to solve it and know what it says, pass it along to someone else to see if they can figure it out! This is a great way to bond over something fun and new even if you’re not actually together.

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