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10 FREE Android Apps AND Kid-Friendly Devices!

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If you are like me, your lifeline is your phone or tablet. Everything from special calendar dates, grocery lists, and entertaining apps for my kids are stored on at least one of these.

Do you worry about your phone or tablet when the kids are using it? I know that every time one of my boys asks to use my phone I hesitate and then find myself worrying about whether or not it will be broken in 5 minutes! The thought of going through fixing a shattered screen makes me cringe because the cost of repair can be pretty expensive! However, if it were not for my phone or tablet when we are on the go, entertaining the kids might be difficult. When I am out and about to the grocery store, or even travelling, a phone or tablet is always on hand!

10 free apps to keep them occupied


10 FREE Android Apps that my kids love!

1. Chuggington Ready to Build Train Play

2. Learning Tables is Fun

3. Math Mate Free: Learn & Practice Multiplication/Division

4. Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame Street

5. Aniworld Lite

6. iStorybooks

7. Simon Says

8. Origami Tutorial

9. Jigsaw World

10. Kids ABC Phonics

My kids enjoy playing on the phone or tablet with games and even helping navigate the map features. With that fear of it breaking I am constantly searching for the best protector or cover to keep scratches and the fear of breaking away.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 is a revolutionary product perfect for easing our minds and protecting our screens! And believe it or not Gorilla Glass is on many products that I have and I am sure you do as well. These items include tablets, phones, and notebooks, in over 40 popular brands! The great thing is that Gorilla Glass works with manufacturers in these areas so good news is you may already be covered! There is a really cool feature tab on the Gorilla Glass website that will let you check your device to see if it is covered.

Find out if your device has Gorilla Glass

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 is a proven durable product that holds up to the harshest drops and scratches! Amazingly, it is 2 times tougher than a regular glass screen! Wow! So on the go, in the store, going on a walk, or even in the car I know that my screen will hold up. Gorilla Glass works great to help protect my phone when in small hands and even my own!

Do you use your phone or tablet for entertaining kids on the go? After checking out these fun apps for your kids, make sure you’re covered with Gorilla Glass before you hand it over!
Corning® Gorilla® Glass has been used on more than 3 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click here to find out <link opens model verification widget>

Corning Incorporated sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

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