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Monsters, Inc Printable Activity Sheets

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The kids will love these Monsters, Inc. Printable Activity Sheets. Add these to your radar if you have movie fans in the house. They’re great free printables for the kids!

Each page is geared towards the Monsters, Inc. movie but with a fun and unique theme. The kids will love working their way through the pages!

Combining learning activities with a popular movie theme and bright and fun pictures is the perfect winning combination! Use this printable to get the kids interested in how learning can be entertaining.



What is the learning benefit of these Monsters, Inc Printable Activity Sheets?

These printables have many different learning benefits! We work hard to create activities that the kids can learn from and have fun doing.

Each page will be visually appealing because it will feature some of their favorite Monster Inc. characters, but they’ll also be able to work on fine motor skills, reading skills, letter learning, and more.

Grab the scissors and crayons, and get ready to watch their learning confidence soar. Once they work through this packet, they’ll be so proud to show you all they’ve accomplished!

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What it includes:

One fun aspect of this Monstes Inc. printable is that it includes making a hexaflexagon. If you have no idea what that is, get ready for your kids to wow you!

They’ll be able to use one strip of paper to create tons of different characters and faces. This is not unique, but it will teach them to think outside the box and have fun!

In addition to that fun project, they’ll have mazes, coloring pages, and more! Each page is different – but perfect for kids of all ages to join the creative fun!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Once you print this out and have the kids start working on it, don’t forget to keep that creative flow happening! Here are a few other simple ideas and activities to do with the kids:

Create a cozy movie night at home for the kids

Creating a cozy movie night at home for the kids can turn an ordinary evening into a magical experience filled with laughter and wonder. Start by letting the kids help choose the movie, making them feel involved right from the start.

Transform the living room into a comfy fortress of pillows and blankets, ensuring every little guest has a soft spot to settle in. Don’t forget to dim the lights and pull out some fairy lights for that extra sparkle reminiscent of a night under the stars.

Popcorn is a must-have, but why not make it extra special with a toppings bar? Offer mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and caramel drizzle to allow the kids to customize their movie snacks.

Finally, secure a lineup of movies that cater to their interests, ensuring back-to-back entertainment. Thinking about these small details will create an unforgettable, cozy movie night that the kids will talk about for weeks.

Write a fun new ending for the Monsters Inc. movie

Encouraging kids to write a fun new ending for the Monsters Inc. movie offers a delightful blend of creativity and critical thinking. Start by rewatching the classic film together, paying close attention to the key themes, characters, and plot points.

Afterward, spark their imagination by asking questions like, “What if Sulley and Mike discovered another world beyond the monster universe?” or “How would Boo return to play a pivotal role in the new ending?”

Give them colorful pens, paper, and digital drawing tablets to storyboard their ideas. You can also introduce exciting writing prompts or suggest creating alternate universes where the rules of the Monster world are different.

Encourage them to think outside the box, ensuring they understand there’s no right or wrong in creativity. This activity enhances their writing skills and deepens their understanding of storytelling, all while sharing a fun, engaging experience.

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Create a new fun monster character

Engaging children in creative activities is not just about fun—it’s about unlocking their imagination and encouraging innovative thinking.

Invite your kids to tap into their inner artists by creating a brand-new monster character. Every choice prompts them to think outside the box, from the number of eyes to its fur, scales, or skin color.

Encourage them to consider where their monster lives, what it eats, and even what special powers it might have. This activity isn’t just a playful exercise; it helps with storytelling skills, boosts problem-solving abilities, and might even create a family favorite character that could star in bedtime stories for weeks to come!

More Printable Activities for Kids:

The world of printable activities stands out as a treasure trove in the quest for engaging and educational ways to keep children entertained. From intricate coloring pages to challenging word puzzles that sharpen linguistic skills, these resources are invaluable for parents and educators.

Printable crafts inspire hands-on projects, fostering fine motor skills and artistic expression. By integrating such activities into a child’s routine, we offer them a delightful break from screen time and cater to their developmental needs and curiosity.

The beauty of printable activities lies in their simplicity and accessibility, making them a fantastic option for fostering learning through play.

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