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Find the Letter X is for X-Ray Worksheet Printables

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Find the Letter X is for X-Ray Worksheet Printables are great for letter learning! Find the letter activities work on uppercase and lowercase letters – and this free activity is all about the letter X!

Each page has a different activity centered on learning about the letter X. Other letters are scattered throughout, but they’re not the focus. This printable makes letter identification a breeze!

Kids love learning about letters, and the letter X is a fun one to learn about. Not many words start with x, so kids tend to remember this as a trickier letter.

It’s also fun to write – and everyone knows that when it comes to treasures, X marks the spot!

What is the learning benefit of these Find the Letter X is for X-Ray Worksheet Printables?

Kids like and grasp the concept better when you slow down and focus on individual letters. If you tell your child that they’re going to learn all 26 letters of the alphabet at once or slow down and learn them one at a time with a fun theme, they’ll likely appreciate the slower approach.

This type of learning benefits them by allowing them to take their time and work at their own pace. They’ll be able to make sure that they can identify, write, trace, and even know a few items that start with the letter.

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What it includes:

With the click of the download and print button, your preschooler can access multiple printables or learning fun. Included in this letter find packet are:

  • find and circle
  • find and color
  • match
  • trace
  • and more!

Each page has directions at the top, helping the kids know exactly what to do. Even if you have littles that can’t read it, just read the simple directions and help them.

These activities were geared towards a younger audience, so they’re certain to have fun!

Fun ways to use this printable:

I’m all for using this printable packet just like it is, but you can easily branch out and do other fun learning ideas! Here are a few ways to have even more letter x learning fun!

Think of all the items that you can that start with the letter x

Encouraging kids to think of items starting with the letter X can be fun and educational. While this letter might initially seem tricky, it opens up a world of discovery.

Introduce them to common words like “xylophone” and “x-ray.” Stimulate their curiosity by discussing unique items such as “xenops,” a type of bird, or “xerox,” which refers to a photocopy. This activity helps children expand their vocabulary and enhances their cognitive skills as they explore and connect new words.



See how many items in the house have the letter x in their name

Encourage the kids to explore their surroundings by seeing how many items in the house have the letter “x” in their name. This fun and educational activity keeps them engaged and helps improve their vocabulary and observation skills.

From the obvious choices like “box” and “mixing bowl” to the more unexpected ones, like “expensive vase,” they’ll be surprised at how common the letter “x” can be.

Turn it into a friendly competition to find the most items!



Create a story where “x” marks the spot

Gather the kids and set off on an adventurous mission filled with excitement and suspense. Encourage them to use their imaginations to create a story where they follow clues, overcome obstacles, and uncover the truth behind the mysterious “X.”

The possibilities are endless, whether it’s buried treasure, a secret hideaway, or a magical realm. This storytelling adventure will ignite their creativity and teach them the value of teamwork and perseverance.

More Printable Letter Activities for Kids:

Creating fun and educational printable letter activities for kids is a fantastic way to enhance their literacy skills. These activities can include coloring pages, tracing worksheets, and interactive games that make learning the alphabet engaging and enjoyable.

Children can stay motivated and interested in practicing their letters using various themes and characters. Printable activities are convenient for parents and teachers and provide a versatile tool for reinforcing letter recognition, phonics, and handwriting.

Explore many printable letter activities to give your children the foundation for successful reading and writing.

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