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Fall into Organizing This Autumn!

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Everyone I know does spring cleaning, but what about the Fall?  Personally, I am more ready to go out with the old and in with the new when school gets back in session.  I am a fiend!  Cleaning out drawers and closets, getting rid of stuff, and reorganizing the things around my home to make my back to school life easier.  Take some time now to get ready so that you, too, can Fall into Organizing!Fall into Organizing

Organization is a four-letter word for many people. It’s viewed as a restrictive life or an unrealistic approach. Yet when you’re organized it actually provides freedom. Organization can give you more time, money, and peace of mind. The organized life is a simplified life. It allows you to spend more time and energy doing what you love.

What Do You Organize?

There are many facets of your life that can be organized. They include but aren’t limited to your:

* Health Goals
* Financial Goals
* Daily Routine
* Household tasks and goals
* Career Goals
* Schedule
* Children’s Schedule
* Time
* Hobbies and passions
* Personal Documents
* Living Space

How Do You Organize?

There are different types of organization for various facets of your life. For example, you’ll organize your closet differently than you’ll organize your personal financial documents. However, most people have an organization personality. Take some time to determine how you like to organize things. Do you prefer labels? Are you visual and do you prefer color codes and photographs? Start thinking about how you like to organize before you create a comprehensive system.  Personally, the planning is my favorite part!  LOL!

Make a Commitment

Make a list of the areas of your life that you want/need to organize. Prioritize those areas so that the most important area is listed first. Make a commitment now to start checking items off of that list. Create a date that you want to have an area organized and a plan to achieve it. For example, maybe you have organize your personal documents listed first. Decide when you’re going to have that organization accomplished and what you need to do to make it happen.

Follow Through

Organizing something is only the first step. The next step is to follow through on your organization system and to sustain it. For example, if you spend an entire weekend organizing your closet but then you just throw your clothes into the closet any which way, you’ve wasted a weekend. Commit to following through on your organization system. If you are unable to follow through, figure out why. Chances are the organization system you created doesn’t fit your needs or personality.

Use Organization Tools

One of the best ways to create an organization system is to use handy organization tools. Mind maps and checklists are easy to use and quite effective. You can use mind mapping to brainstorm and plan your organization systems. Checklists can be created to make sure you don’t miss a step. In fact, there are many useful organization checklists that you can download for free online. Checklists that help you fall into organizing your finances, managing your time and cleaning your closet.


Sharing is caring!


Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

These are great tips!

Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!


Monday 25th of August 2014

These are great tips, Kelli! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kelli Miller

Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

Thanks for stopping by, Kristi!


Monday 25th of August 2014

Must be becasue my girls went to school to day but I keep looking at organization posts! Knowing what will work for you is such an important part of organizing that many overlook. I have wasted a lot of time over the years trying to adapt. No more and I do have less clutter! Good suggestions! Thanks.