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Easter Math for Preschool

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Easter Math for Preschool is the perfect learning activity! This free printable pack will give your little ones confidence in numbers, making it perfect for Easter fun!

Multiple learning pages are ready to print and use! This is an excellent Easter activity for the kids to do and learn with. Each page was created just for them!

They’ll explore concepts like counting, sorting, and recognizing numbers, all wrapped up with vibrant colors and charming characters that are common throughout the Easter holiday and season.

This Easter, turn playtime into prime learning time and create fun and educational memories! This printable makes it easy!

What is the learning benefit of this printable? 

This Easter Math for Preschool activity is more than just a fun springtime activity. It cleverly disguises learning opportunities within the exciting themes of Easter.

This printable transforms math concepts like counting, sorting, and recognizing numbers into an engaging Easter adventure using fun pictures, images, and worksheets decorated with colorful Easter items.

This element of creativity keeps them motivated while unknowingly solidifying their grasp of foundational math skills. It’s the perfect way to keep their concentration and work through all the math pages!

This printable uses the magic of Easter to create a positive association with learning. It also helps with fine motor, counting, and confidence skills!

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What it includes:

It’s not just your average activity sheets because these Easter-themed pages will bring out their love for math!

The pages have fun and different learning objectives, making each one a new adventure full of math skills!

They’ll problem solve, count, and even have some pattern learning and big and small activities added in!

Turn playtime into a celebration of discovery! Make learning a springtime adventure with these Easter-themed math activities. Each page is excellent for early learners!

Fun ways to use this printable:

The great thing about free printable activities is that you can easily branch off and learn new ideas. While I’m all about starting with this Easter printable packet, feel free to launch and try something new!

Here are a few fun ideas that you can try with the kids!

Count Easter Eggs

Easter offers a delightful opportunity for children to indulge in the joy of egg hunts and sharpen their counting skills in a playful and colorful setting.

Encourage little ones to count each Easter egg they discover, turning the thrill of the hunt into an educational experience. This method combines fun with learning, allowing kids to practice number recognition and sequence as they excitedly tally their vibrant finds.

Through this festive activity, the tradition of Easter egg hunting can transform into an interactive lesson as rewarding as the treasure trove of eggs it gathers.



Check out the additional Easter activities in my shop

I have a shop FULL of large printable packets and resources! The Easter math freebie listed here is just a mini version, but I have more extensive and in-depth printable packets with 20-100 pages of learning fun in my shop!

Here are some of the Easter printables for early learners:

Compare Easter candy sizes

Picture a child’s excitement when given a variety of colorful Easter treats, ranging from tiny jelly beans to a giant chocolate bunny. By comparing these treats, educators and parents can visually demonstrate size differences and relational concepts like bigger, smaller, tallest, and shortest.

This hands-on approach enhances the learning process and establishes a strong foundation for understanding size differences, which is crucial for early math skills.

More Printable Easter Math for Preschool:

Transform Easter into a learning adventure with these engaging printables! These interactive tools spark curiosity and solidify foundational educational concepts.

Use these fun printables as a great way to have them learn during the Easter holiday – and have fun doing it!

Want to find more activities for Easter learning? Here are some of my recommendations!

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