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Cutting Shapes Worksheets

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Check out these Cutting Shapes Worksheets! The kids will love holding the scissors, using their fine motor skills, and cutting out the various shapes. Perfect for preschool and early learning.

Not only can they cut out the shapes, but they can also trace or even color them. So many educational opportunities for them to do!

Once they get the hang of how to cut and turn the page to cut shapes, there’s no stopping this! This is the perfect activity for the kids to showcase their cutting skills and learn independence.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Cutting printables offers many varied benefits. Holding the scissors helps with grasping, controlling, and fine motor skills.

The shapes on the pages are great for helping them to learn shape identification. These pages can even be used to talk about similarities, sizes, and more.

What it includes:

With the click of the print button, the shape packet will be yours. It has many different pages with different shapes and sizes.

The lines are dotted for the kids to cut along or trace along the dotted lines. The shapes are printed in black and white, but there is always room for adding color and creativity.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Shape learning is great, so why not use these scissor printables to make more learning activities and ideas? Here are some other fun things that you can do with these printables!

Cut shapes out of construction paper

From crafting paper snowflakes to creating intricate pieces of art, the ability to cleanly cut shapes can elevate the texture and dimension of any project. The process requires a steady hand, sharp scissors, and a keen eye for detail.

While it is tempting to rush through the cutting process, taking the time to carefully consider the shapes and angles can transform the final product from ordinary to exceptional.

Whether used in a classroom setting or as part of a personal project, cutting shapes out of construction paper unlocks a world of creative possibilities.

Trace the cutout shapes to make new pictures

An interesting and engaging activity for children is to trace cut-out shapes to create new pictures. This exercise stimulates the child’s creativity and uses their critical thinking skills.

As they position the cutouts, they can envision a new picture and learn about design principles.

For example, a leaf and a circle can be transformed into a sunflower or a tree. Children will also develop fine motor skills by holding and manipulating the cutouts to align them precisely.

Moreover, this activity promotes visual-spatial reasoning, an essential mathematics, science, and technology skill.

Create more shapes to cut out

While the classics such as circles, squares, and stars are always a hit, one must wonder if they limit children’s imaginative capacities. Therefore, we must consider creating more cut-out shapes to encourage children to explore and experiment with new visual possibilities.

A wider range of shapes will stimulate their creativity and help with fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

As educators and parents, we should strive to give children the tools to realize their full potential and broaden their horizons. Adding new shapes to their craft kit is a small but effective way to do just that.



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