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Blogging Basics: Promoting a Post with Guest Posts! (part 1)

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Miss me last week?  I went on vacation at the very last minute and didn’t work. Oops!  Anyway, you had a nice break.  How is that post coming along?  How’s the traffic on it?

Two weeks ago I told you to start thinking of some post titles.  Well, this week you have to actually start writing.  Here’s the task:

1.  Brainstorm 5 to 10 different titles that tie into your post that you want to promote.  Think creatively!  For example, my post is top 10 most popular recipes and the top one is a fish recipe.  So, I could write a post about popular fish recipes and link to the post that shows it as being the most popular (see where I just did that?).  I could write a post about why fish is a better alternative than red meat and link to it, etc.

2. Start drafting up 1 paragraph per title.

3. Research 5 websites to guest post on that fit the niche of your post and reach out to them.

BTW, I do accept guest posts on all three of my sites and they can have all the non-commercial links in them that you want.  For example, they can link to blogs, Wikipedia,, and the like.  They can have your social media links in the author bio.  I only ask that you include a great Pinterest worthy image within the post and that it is at least 300 words. Just email me with the words “guest post” in the subject and your title and 1 paragraph intro or summary.  I will let you know if I will accept it or not.

That’s it for this week!  I can’t wait to see your titles!  Don’t forget to share your post in the comments so I can go visit it!

Sharing is caring!