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5 Tips for Quick and Healthy Meals

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Sometimes it seems impossible to get a quick healthy meal on the table in between work, kids and carpool. Often times in our busy lives we are simply too tired to get a meal on the table.

Instead of turning to processed or fast food, here are 5 tips – and some quick healthy recipes – that I find help get dinner on the table in a rush:

1. Have a Well Stocked Pantry – Create a staples list and keep those items stocked. I’ve created a staples list that has all the ingredients needed to whip up a quick meal. For example, my Basil Tomato and Rice Soup Recipe uses only staple list ingredients.

2. Buy Food in Bulk – One of the best ways to save on healthy dinners is to buy meat and other staple items in bulk. However, don’t just throw that meat in the freezer! Instead, take the time to whip up a recipe – like Freezer Turkey Meatballs – that can easily be turned into spaghetti and meatballs, meatball soup or meatball subs.

3. Use Your Freezer – Make your freezer work for you! For example, make up several batches of Whole Wheat Pancake Mix and store them in the freezer to make getting breakfast on the table quick and easy.

4. Choose Recipes with Quick Cook Times – Look for recipes that can be whipped up in 20 minutes or less. Pasta e Fagoli is one of my quick cook go to recipes! PLUS – it has the added benefit of being made entirely from items on my staples list!

5. Cook Once, Eat Twice – It is much more economical to buy a whole chicken. Roast it on the weekend when you have more time for cooking. Take whatever meat is left after your roast chicken meal and use it in another recipe later on in the week.

How do you get dinner on the table in a hurry?

Andrea of The Greenbacks Gal strives to live the frugal, green lifestyle. In addition to her quick, healthy recipes she loves to find a deal on organic products and hunts down all the organic and natural food coupons she can! She also shares her tips for going green!

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