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30 Minute Instant Pot Recipes

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30 Minute Instant Pot Recipes are some of the best ways to make easy Instant Pot dinners. Having dinner in about 30 minutes is such a dream come true! Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner or a quick dinner before everyone runs out the door. Make certain to check out our Simple Easy Recipes for Busy Moms as well.

From ground beef to chicken thighs, you’re certain to find an instant pot meal that trumps the time of any slow cooker. Pressure cooker recipes are fast, simple and delicious.

Having a 30-minute meal plan is the best. No matter if I’m doing pork chops, stir fry, or shrimp scampi, I love pressure cooks recipes that make meals fast.

The kids always love when I make quick meals too because it means that they get to eat that much faster! I have no problem cooking any of the Instant Pot recipes on this list because they’re all so delicious!

You could easily use this as a simple way to meal plan for the next few weeks!

What type of side dish goes well with Instant Pot main meals?

It all just depends on what you’re having. If you’re having a pasta dish, a nice side salad is a great choice. Or if you’re cooking up chicken alfredo, a side of black beans can be a great option.

Does the Instant Pot really cook meals that much quicker?

It does! On average it can cut the cook time down by 75%. Talk about a great way to reduce your cooking time in the kitchen!

30 Minute Instant Pot Recipes

You're going to love these quick and easy meals!

Have fun making up these 30-minute Instant Pot recipes. They’re all so fast, easy, and delicious.

Which of these quick weeknight meals are you going to whip up first?

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