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10 Things You Need In Your Beach Bag!

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Planning a trip to the beach or pool?  Then, you better make sure you have these 10 beach bag must haves packed and ready to go before you walk out that door!  I have lived on the Alabama Gulf Coast my entire life, the beach is kind of my thing (psst: interesting tidbit, we have the whitest beaches in the world!!).  We actually have a shelf in our linen closet devoted to all things beach and pool.  When the weather begins to get warm, we keep a bag of goodies in the vehicle in case we hit the beach unexpectedly.  The following is a list of the 10 things you need in your beach bag!

Protect your skin from the sun

10 Beach Bag Must-Haves:

1.  Sunscreen – This absolute must-have should be in your water fun bag whether you are going to the pool, beach, game, or park!  When packing, make sure to include Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen with Helioplex, the first line of sunscreen specially formulated to be applied to wet skin!  This stuff works on wet AND dry skin making those sweaty kids of ours easy targets for a quick, grab and spray on stay on, kind of job.  Yes, it makes our jobs as chief protectors so much easier. 🙂  Plus, water and sweat-resistant for 80 minutes means less applications – whew 🙂

2.  Towels – We always forget the towels… oops!  Make sure you get some good beach (or pool) going towels and keep them in your bag.  This way, unlike me, you won’t forget them!

3.  Goggles – What is it with kids today?  Are their eyes that much more sensitive than ours were?  Anyway, all my boys think they need goggles and not the cheap kind either, they want their noses covered.  Pack the goggles and avoid the fits <– yes, this is a reminder to myself.

4.  Bug Spray – If you live anywhere near the humid south, you better have something to repel the mosquitoes, no-see-ems, sand fleas, and other annoying insects!  Depending on where you are going you can take a spray or some citronella candles.

5.  Snacks – This might not apply to you, but for me we MUST have food.  The boys can eat a horse on a normal day; but if you put them in the hot sun for a few hours they turn into human garbage disposals.  Pack up some fresh fruits and some salty nuts to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

6.  Water – Not the kind to play in, either.   Keep your sweaty off-spring (and yourself) hydrated with a few bottles of water!

7.  Beach Toys (floats, shovel, pail, frisbee, ball, etc) – If you are planning to make a day of the pool or beach you better bring some boredom busters with you.  From floats to relax on to nets to scoop up all the little fishes.  Or some dive sticks and a ball if hitting the pool!

8.  Sunhat and glasses – Protect that skin and stay looking young!

9.  Camera – ideally waterproof… Don’t forget to record your memories!  Yes, I want to take my big, fine camera t the beach but I really don’t want to ruin it.  So, a little throw away, water proof camera is the perfect beach bag companion.

10.  Meat Tenderizer –  This is really only for the beach – salt water has fun creatures including sea nettles – those stinging jellyfish!  If you keep a small bottle of meat tenderizer in your bag, you will be prepared!  Just shake some on the stings and the pain goes away.  Seriously! I grew up on the Gulf, I know what I am talking about. 🙂

Water Fun Must Haves

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