More Stars! {Preschool Shapes}


Hope you and your little ones have been having fun with the star projects from last week’s post.  Here are a few more star ideas to keep the shape-learning rolling!  Today, we’ll be working on Star Puppets!   What You Need: Paper Plate Scissors Yellow Paint (or color of your choice) Popsicle Stick Star Pattern […]

Stars {Preschool Shapes}


We’ve been having a lot of fun with shapes around here and I’m really surprised at all the non-basic shapes Chipmunk is now able to recognize.  For example, we were looking through the Love Heart Learning – Shapes ebook (I grabbed it while it was free, don’t spend $5 on it!) and she knew trapezoid!  Impressive. […]

Three Little Pigs: Masks {Preschool Reading Comprehension}


Did I mentioned my daughter is obsessed with The Three Little Pigs?  Well, she is!  We’ve checked out 5 different versions from the library and read them every day.  A lot.  Today we decided to do a little work with colors and a little bit with reading comprehension, using face masks!  Let’s get started! What […]

FREE: 29 Cool Math Games for Preschoolers


I have spent quite some time pulling together all these links, ideas, etc to help you teach your preschoolers numbers and shapes with tons of free cool math games for preschoolers!  If you keep the kids having fun, they never realize they are learning! Online Cool Math Games for Preschoolers 1.  Help Greenelle count her […]