My Favorite Cookbooks

I have so many cookbooks, seriously!  I have never counted, but I have gobs and gobs.  With that said, there are only a few that I turn to on a regular basis.  Back when I was posting my recipes and cooking tips on 3 Boys and a Dog regularly, I was asked numerous times about what cookbooks I suggest that everyone own. The below are a list of my favorite cookbooks that I recommend every busy Mom have in her kitchen library.

When I am menu planning and can’t find anything we want in our regular recipe list or on Pinterest, I grab these books and start thumbing through (in order from first to grab):

list of must have cookbooks from busy, southern mom of 3 active boys

  • 1.  Tribute: To the Great Cooks of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  Unfortunately for you, this cookbook is no longer in print. This is the greatest cookbook of all time – REALLY.  Luckily for you, though, many of the recipes that you will find on my site (as it grows) are adaptations of the recipes in this cookbook!
  • 2. Calling All Cooks #1 – This book was printed in 1982 and is full of recipes by the Telephone Pioneers of Alabama.  This is another one of those great books.  Like Tribute, it is full of recipes from real Southern Women.  Unlike it though, you can still get these (all of them in the series, including one for kids!)
  • 3.  Fix-It and Forget-It – Chock full of 700 slow cooker recipes, this is a must have for anyone with children or a busy lifestyle.  From main dishes, to complete meals, to desserts, you may never have to use your stove again! LOVE it.
  • 4.  Pampered Chef: All the Best – Such simple meals that look like they took hours to cook.  This is a favorite for me when company is coming or when I am commissioned to bring a dish somewhere.  This one is no longer being sold by Pampered Chef consultants, but you can still find some on Amazon and eBay!
  • 5.  Land of Cotton : A Collection of Southern Recipes – First printed in 1988, these recipes passed the true test… the family dinner table!  Guess what, this one is no longer in print either!  You know they are good cookbooks when you have to wait for it to get passed down from someone else in your family!  You are lucky, however!  At the time of my writing this post, there are a few available on Amazon!

Obviously, I am Southern and my cookbook choices reflect my Heritage.  Do you have a “can’t live without” cookbook?

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    The Junior League of Harris County did a cookbook called “Texas Ties” and it has been used so much that the pages fall out in clumps. It is fantastic if you are looking for something a little special. Of course, I am partial to all of the Southern Living Annual Recipes cookbooks and any church cookbook that a clutch of little old ladies have poured their famous potluck specialties into. I will have to look into your top 5. :)

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