Menu Plan Monday

(I seem to be perpetually behind these days)
I stumbled upon this neat ring of women planning out their weekly menus. I thought, “why not add mine?” So, here I am :-)
Breakfast – typically consists of oatmeal or grits. We also keep pancake mix, waffles, muffin mix, cereal, eggs, bread for toast, and yogurt on hand just in case someone decides they want something different than the norm. :-)
Lunch – I think that I pretty much do as everyone else does… leftovers from the night before. We also try to keep sandwhich makings, Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee, frozen pizzas, veggie cups, corndogs, roman noodles, etc on hand for the days when we don’t have enough leftovers or we have so many that we are having it for supper the next night
Note: I typically only plan the main dish unless it is something that we always eat with that item. Like roast ALWAYS gets mashed potatoes & gravy. :-)
Monday – we had BBQ boneless ribs, potatoes & cheese cassarole, and green beans.
Tuesday – Chicken Broccoli Braid
Wednesday – Soup
Thursday – Soup
Friday – either more soup or we are going out to eat.
We call it left over soup becuse anytime there is a bit of something left over (corn, beans, gravy, meat drippings, bits of meat, etc) it gets added to a gallon ice cream tub that is kept in the freezer. When the tub is full we make soup. :-) I typically add a can or two or red beans, tomato sauce, and potatoes. I also add a few pounds of hamburger meat.
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  1. Cynthia says

    I just started the Menu Plan Monday this week as well. So far so good sticking to it, but it IS only Tuesday (LOL).

  2. Kelli says

    as we say down here in the south “po folks got po ways” grin

    Everything goes in the pot: the juice left over from green beans, gravies, the water we boil hot dogs in, anything that could possibly be in soup. We had an stock pot of soup one time with 1 kernel of corn in it grin… it was sorta like finding the Golden Egg