Animals in Winter {Hibernating Printable}

Even though there isn’t much snow around this week, the temperatures have been pretty cold and we’ve been learning all about animals in the winter.  I picked up a couple great books from the library including:

Animals in Winter (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)


Why Do Bears Hibernate?

The text in the bear book was a little too complex for my kids (ages 2-3), but they really enjoyed the pictures and seeing different types of bears.   They loved the Animals in Winter book, especially the page that talked about the groundhog building a bathroom under the ground!   I spotted a great game over at Teach Preschool where kids climb into a “bear den” to hibernate.  When the timer buzzes, winter is over and the kids all come roaring out the cave.  I knew our kids would love that as well, so we set up a little tent/cave.

Hibernating Bears

Heading into the cave for winter.  The little bears “ate” lots of berries and other bear food before heading to their cave for the winter.

Hibernating Bears

Sleepy Little Bears

After the “bears” had been in the den for about 10 seconds, I would yell “Spring Time” and all the bears would come out and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.  It was so cute!  Then they would all yell, “It’s time to hibernate again!”  We had to play many, many times!  It was worth it to hear them walking around saying “hibernate” though!

Afterwards, we talked about other animals that hibernate, using Animals in Winter as a reference.   Kelli made up this perfect chart to go with the book, so be sure to grab yours (free printable).  The printable contains a chart for “Hibernating” and “Non-hibernating” and then a number of animals to cut out and sort into columns.  Perfect for winter learning!


My 3 year old loved matching the little pictures to the animals in the book and then placing in the appropriate column.


Hibernating Animals Chart

Stay tuned tomorrow for a more bear fun!

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    I love these ideas for teaching about hibernation. We recently got “Bear Stays Up for Christmas” (or something similar to that title!) from the library, which brought on a discussion about hibernating, so I found your post as a great time!