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Kindergarten Hibernation Printables

Learning about hibernating animals is an important part of covering science with kindergartners. Kids love learning about animals, so studying hibernation can be a fun topic, especially if you use these cute kindergarten hibernation printables! These printables include facts for learning which animals hibernate, how they live and sleep during the winter, basic math concepts such …

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Where Do Animals Sleep in the Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

During the winter, we all try to stay inside our warm and toasty homes to keep ourselves safe from the cold. But what about animals? What do they do to stay warm? Where do they sleep during winter? Your children will love learning about winter animal behaviors with these Where Do Animals Sleep in the Winter …

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Animals in Winter {Hibernating Printable}

The kids will have a blast with these Animals in Winter printable! It’s the best way for them to learn about cold weather animals. Even though there isn’t much snow around this week (is there ever in Southern Alabama?), the temperatures have been pretty cold, and we’ve been learning all about animals in the winter. …

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