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Teacher Appreciation: Holding Me Together (free printable)

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Teacher Appreciation Week is coming!  Are you ready?  I am getting there. Smile  I am trying to do teacher appreciation gifts that the boys’ teachers can actually use this year.  So, first up – paper clips! This super frugal teacher appreciation week gift idea is a fun way to say “thanks” with a useable gift!

Teacher Appreciation Printable Paper Clip Idea

I actually made 2 different pages within this free teacher appreciation gift printable.  So, only print the page that you need!  Page 1 says “thanks for holding us together” for you parents out there that are PTA members.  This page has 12, 2-inch square printable labels on it.

For the parents that want just a couple for their own kids’ teacher(s), print page 2!  It has 4 printables that say “me” instead of “us”!  So, it will save you ink!  You won’t have to print 12 of them if you don’t need to. You’re welcome!  LOL!

Materials Used:

—The only thing I bought was the paper clips, everything else I already had!  So…

           Total Cost of Teacher Appreciation gift = $1.00!

Printing Tip – Print on regular printer paper or photo paper. I printed my first one on cardstock and the color bled. To keep it crisp it is best to do it on photo paper, but regular printer paper will have less color bleeding than cardstock.


step one_teacher appreciation gift_ paper clips

Step One:  Remove the unsightly label from the paper clip package.  The label will leave a small amount of glue as shown in the image above.  No worries!  We will be covering that part up with our cute gift tag!

Step Two:  Print out the free “thanks for holding me together” printable and cut apart each square. The squares are 2 x 2 inches in size.

Step Three:  Cut 2.5 x 2.5 squares in coordinating patterned paper and affix the tag to the paper square.

Step Four:  Decorate the top with cute ribbons and attach the label to cover the glue spot.

Ta-da!  Easy-peasy (and cheap) Teacher Appreciation Week gift!

thanks for holding me together

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