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Rainbow Coloring Pages

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These Rainbow Coloring Pages are a two-part deal! They’re the perfect black and white printables for the kids to color rainbow colors, and they’re also printed with inspiring quotes on them as well. Use these fun rainbow activities to brighten anyone’s day!

Grab the crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints – and let the kids have creative fun! It doesn’t get better than hanging colorful rainbow pictures around the house!

This packet is it if you are ready to let the kids make cute artwork come to life via their imagination. It’s a simple and easy way to have them color with the colors of the rainbow and show off their lovely skills!

You can hang them up and see how happy the kids will see their artwork on display.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

When kids are creative, great things happen. The printables outline the pictures, letting the kids fill the middle with fun colors and ideas.

At the bottom of each picture is also an inspiring quote for the kids. This proves that it’s possible to spread art, love, and happiness from a free printable for kids!

What it includes:

This printable packet includes multiple pages in black and white, with cute rainbow pictures for the kids to color.

Each page also has a printed quote on the bottom that is meant to inspire kindness and love.



Fun ways to use this printable:

There are always endless ways to make learning fun! What you need to remember when using printables is that you can always expand on them.

Just in case you need some extra ideas for more learning fun, I’ve included a few below that can easily be done without much extra stress or planning.

Go on a rainbow hunt

It doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy day because the kids will love going outside and seeing if they can find rainbows.

Have them look in the sky and see if they see anything; if not, have them look around them for the colors of the rainbow. This is great for observation skills and for also moving their bodies.

Create a giant rainbow

When’s the family last worked together to make a rainbow? If you have the time, get a big sheet of paper and have everyone gather around and create a rainbow.

Once it’s done, display it in the house to showcase that the family created it together. This is a fun way to have family art time!

Research the people who said the quotes

Underneath each quote is the name of the person who said it. Have the kids learn more about that person and their life.

See if there are other famous quotes or words they have said- and then talk about what those words and quotes mean.

This is a fun way to communicate and think analytically together.

What makes rainbow activities for kids so fun?

Rainbow activities for kids can be an enjoyable way to provide educational playtime. These can develop essential problem-solving, sequencing, and visual-spatial skills.

These activities also help provide a basis for finger dexterity and understanding color mixing and principles of shades, hues, and tints.

Additionally, rainbow activities allow children to explore their creative sides and express themselves freely through art.

Creating something with rainbows often brings out the child’s natural exuberance while they are learning without even realizing it.

All in all, rainbow activities allow kids to enjoy their creativity while simultaneously developing essential skills.

How do I teach kids the colors of the rainbow?

Teaching children the colors of the rainbow can be an engaging experience. For young children, it is best to start with a song or rhyme introducing each color one by one.

Encourage them to sing along and incorporate some physical movement, such as raising their hands in the air or pointing at the colors in order as they move through the song.

Additionally, using flashcards with colored objects can help reinforce what is being taught and allow kids to practice identifying each color visually.

This method can also include games of memory and concentration where two cards are presented, and kids must identify which ones match both color and picture.

As children age, activities like painting various objects from around the house and outside can challenge them to use their creativity while still learning about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Why are rainbows so fun for kids to learn about?

Rainbows are a fantastic way to capture kids’ imaginations, inspiring fascination and awe in their young minds.

For starters, rainbows can be a learning tool, guiding children to understand basic science concepts of light refraction or the water cycle.

They can also turn everyday activities like doing the dishes into an opportunity for a short lesson when teaching them how rainbows form in the sky after rainfall.

Additionally, rainbows have developed fantastical associations in many cultures, providing plenty of opportunities for creative play and fun stories for kids.

From literature with leprechauns hiding pots of gold at the end of rainbows to dreamy unicorns perched on top of them – these colorful arches make learning more exciting and memorable for children worldwide.

Do rainbows always appear after it rains?

Although they are often associated with falling precipitation, rainbows do not require them to manifest.

In some cases, rain wreaks havoc on visibility and dampens favorable conditions for a vibrant rainbow.

Still, one can appear after a storm because of the sunlight that follows dark clouds dispersed across the sky.

Not only that, but moisture in the air still creates an opportunity for sunbeams to sparkle in every direction by sunlight and refraction of light through tiny water droplets in the atmosphere.

It’s beautiful when it does follow a rain–nature always seems more alive!

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