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15 Printable Lunchbox Notes for Kids

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When you pack your child’s lunch, you pack it with lots of love. How about adding something a little more? Send a Lunchbox Note for your child in every lunch. I don’t just mean write a note, I mean use these printables to make their day. You could send some with jokes, quotes, or maybe even learning games. It will make them look forward to opening their lunchbox. There are so many different lunchbox notes you can send!

15 printable lunchbox notes for kids

Printable Lunchbox Notes for Kids

These Fall and Autumn themed printable lunchbox notes will have your kids “falling” down with laughter!

Loving these darling Halloween Lunchbox Notes from CrystalandComp!

Make your child’s lunch a bit more interesting with Hidden Picture Lunchbox Notes. When they color, they discover hidden objects.

Super cute Printable Lunchbox notes for your girly girl.

Lunchbox Notes are not extinct! Don’t believe me?  Check out the adorable Dinosaur Lunchbox Notes that I made for you!

Brighten your child’s day by sending them Lunchbox notes with Cow jokes! What do you get when a cow shakes? A milk shake!

Help your child learn facts about science, history and more with these Amazing Facts for kids Lunchbox printables.

free printable lunchbox notes

Positive Affirmation Lunchbox notes help your kids stay positive and confident. They can pass this along to their classmates as well.

Learning is always great. Help them to learn with Word Puzzle Notes at lunch as well.

Are you a huge Disney fan? Send your child Disney Fun Facts Lunchbox Notes. They can learn a lot, whether it is about Mickey Mouse, Princesses, or even numbers.

These Nicer Necessary Notes help your child to feel better during the day, and maybe less grumpy. Teach them to be nice to others, so they make lots of friends.

Let your kids get a laugh during lunch with Super Silly Lunchbox Jokes. What do you call an Alligator with a vest? An Investigator.

If you have some Lego lovers at home, send them notes from Lego Facts Lunchbox notes. These are fun facts about Lego they can learn about.

These super cute Strawberry Shortcake Notes are so adorable for your little strawberry.

Do you have a Star Wars fan? Let the force be with them at school with these Star Wars Lunchbox notes.1

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Carolyn Wilhelm

Friday 4th of September 2015

Fun ideas! I think these notes would be nice as it is easy to run out of ideas and also they are printable so they are quick to make. Pinned and tweeted. Thanks!