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Origami for Kids: 10 Awesome Instructions

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I love to visit Red Ted Art’s page for adult coloring pages, but I am not totally selfish. 🙂  Tank loves to do paper-folding crafts like the following Origami for Kids crafts!

If you’ve been wanting to try the ancient art of paper folding, looking at some finished origami projects can be intimidating. But these 10 simple projects are great for origami newbies – both kids and adults!

Simple Origami for Kids Crafts

Origami for Kids: 10 Awesome Instructions

1. This super easy origami Star Wreath would be a great project for adding festive decor to an entryway!

2. Make a simple seasonal craft with these cute Reindeer Bookmarks!

3. Learning about mice with your kids? Round out a unit study by learning to make these Adorable Mice!

4. Kids love to put on puppet shows! Help your children make these Cat Finger Puppets and then encourage them to put on a show for the family.

5. Wrapping gifts is always a fun activity to share with children. These origami Paper Bows would be a beautiful handmade gift topper!

6. This Beautiful Swan craft is such an easy activity that anyone who’s new to origami can make it!

Origami for Kids

7. Make gift giving extra special by making these Stacking Kitty Gift Boxes to hold small trinkets or handmade knickknacks!

8. These Easy Cats crafts are great for very young children who are just learning fine motor skills. Plus, their little faces are adorable!

9. Once you’ve mastered making paper swans, “Tweet” away with this paper Budgie craft! (Get it? LOL!)

10. If you’d like to add a little decoration to a kids’ room, learn to make this paper Butterfly and then hang several from string for a simple hanging mobile!

More Origami for Kids Resources:

For even more fun with origami for kids, try these great resources for making your own paper crafts!

  1. Fun with Origami: 17 Easy-to-Do Projects and 24 Sheets of Origami Paper (Dover Origami Papercraft)
  2. 40 Color Origami Papers – 120 Sheets
  3. Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (Dover Fun Kits)

If your kids are new to origami, try these 10 projects! They’re sure to master them in no time!

Sharing is caring!

Mother of 3

Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

My boys and I tried our hand at some simple origami this past year using some pre-made kits and it was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas with us at the Summer Time Fun Linky. Pinned.