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Non-Alcoholic Peppermint Drink Recipes

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Are you ready to treat your tastebuds with these Non-Alcoholic Peppermint Drink Recipes? The holiday season calls for a great holiday drink!

Choose one holiday cocktail or more from this list of delicious drinks. Make sure to check out my Christmas Mocktails for Kids for even more delicious drink recipes!

Drink recipes made with white chocolate and whipped cream are the best! Melt some chocolate chips and line the rim of the glass for some extra fun flavors and tastes.

Be sure to check out the rest of my peppermint recipes!

What is the difference between a peppermint cocktail and a mocktail?

A peppermint cocktail will have alcohol in it and typically includes drinks like peppermint schnapps or flavors such as that. A mocktail is a kid-friendly drink that is alcohol-free but still provides fun flavors and tastes.

We have a lot of mocktails in our house and the kids love them! When you can add in fun ingredients that all taste like mint, why wouldn’t you?

You’ll find that mocktails have all the same flavors of cocktails but can be enjoyed by both kids and adults! Just get a cute martini glass to put your drinks in!



Do you need a cocktail shaker to make a mocktail?

You don’t have to use one but it does add to the fun! The kids can help shake up the ingredients and create a fun drink for them to enjoy.

When you add in the shaking of the cocktail, it just makes the drink process that much more fun. It’s so much fun to make mocktail and holiday drink recipes together!

Non-Alcoholic Peppermint Drink Recipes

This list of drink recipes is full of minty flavor and taste!

Which of these holiday drinks for the kids are you going to make first? Why not go through the entire list of holiday drinks and find one that you love the best?

Have fun making these peppermint drink recipes without alcohol. They’re all so good, tasty, and refreshing!

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