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Miller Manor: Renovation Days 5 through 9

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Well, Miller Manor is coming along – it feels like it is taking forever and everyday I go home thinking… “OMG! I don’t know how much more of this I can take!” and every morning I wake up thinking “Holy Molasses, I HURT!!”  If this reno doesn’t make me lose weight, I will NEVER lose any.  I have climbed enough stairs to last me a lifetime and we haven’t even moved in yet!  I keep hoping it will get easier, but each day it gets harder.  I get about halfway up the MILLION steps and think… “Crud! Would it be easier to just turn around or keep going?”

Miller Manor

I hurt – I don’t think I have hurt this badly since Basic Training (aka: boot camp) a TON of years ago. I can’t lift my arms and I am walking like an old lady – but all the broken tile is GONE and at least half of the 2×2 plywood is gone. I have no clue what those people were thinking nailing down all these pieces of wood!! I saved them, but I have NO CLUE what to do with them. We are saving so much stuff from this house that I am going to have to add on so I have a place to store it all. LOL!

There is a bunch happening, but I have been so busy most days and other days I have forgotten to bring my camera.  OOps!.  However, I don’t want to keep letting the days go by.  So, here is a quick update of what has happened over the past 5 days:

  1. Siding is almost all done
  2. All door/opening size changes have been roughed in
  3. We have water to ALL of the house
  4. They have built the new master bathroom back wall (we are expanding it a bit) and tore down the old wall.
  5. All exterior doors are IN (we were missing one for a bit)
  6. Interior doors have been removed and new ones ordered.
  7. The plumber and electrician have both started the interior stuff.
  8. All ceramic tile has been busted and removed (we did this!)
  9. Kitchen Cabinet Guy came out, I hated his design and I sent him back to work again – hopefully, we will get a design that we like today!  I kind of hounded him about sending me something today. 🙂

I think that is about it. Here is another picture…


Remember me telling you about the weird 2×2 squares all over the top floor?  You can see them in the picture above.  What were they thinking??

The plan for today (day 10) is quite extensive:

  • Tubs in
  • More electrical run
  • Finish siding – maybe power-wash?
  • Take up carpet on stairs
  • Finish the 2 x 2 squares
  • Clear out the bottom floor so concrete can be leveled
  • Make plan about ceiling?  Remove vents, rent sprayer? Buy Kilz?
  • Hound cabinet guy about new drawing
  • Buy vanities
  • Take old doors to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore

Follow Along as We Renovate Miller Manor!

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  3. Days Three & Four – Goodbye Weird Arches and Hello Hidden Door!
  4. Days Five through Nine – Goodbye Tile & Weird Wood Squares!
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