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I was blessed with the chance to review the Play-DOH Create ABC’s  app for both iPhone, iPad, and coming to Android soon in exchange for an honest blog post. That in no way shaped my opinion of this product.

When it’s raining here, my kids LOVE to pull out their Play-Doh and create all kinds of things with it. They can spend hours playing with it. They use every tool they can get their little hands on.

Here’s the down side though, they make a ROYAL mess with the Play-Doh. We end up with Play-Doh ALL over the house and all over them in all the wrong places. If you’re a parent who has used Play-Doh as a form of entertainment for your kids you know what I’m referring to.

Pin It Image PLAY-DOHThe good news is now you can give your kids the same type of creative entertainment in an electronic form so that there is no mess to worry about cleaning up. Plus the added benefit is they also learn their ABC’s and also some vocabulary words as well. They learn how to write their letters in both capital and lower case form.

PLAY-DOH Create ABC’s allows the child to create many different items on several backgrounds.  The child has the ability to choose from a variety of  backgrounds,the choice different items going on the images, and where the items are placed on the image. Once they make the image, the child has the option of saving their works of art on the cell phone.

Play-DOH Pin It Shot

This app is  filled with so many wonderful little features, I’m honestly surprised that it doesn’t cost more than $2.99. I also didn’t mention the app plays cute little bits of music while the child is making their wonderfully adorable creations.

I definitely recommend this app for anyone who has small toddlers learning their alphabet and how to write them. For older kids who still love creating pictures, it still holds appeal with the amount of things that they can do. For parents involved who need to do other constructive tasks can gain peace of mind knowing that their child is learning something and being able to explore their artistic boundaries.

If you want to find out what else PLAY-DOH has available or coming soon you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your favorite apps for your toddler?

Sharing is caring!

Christine W

Wednesday 24th of July 2013

I am not a Big Fish game user, but I would like to get this for my niece and nephew who would really enjoy it.

Crystal Green

Thursday 25th of July 2013

I'm sure your niece and nephew would enjoy the game.

Jackie Higgins

Wednesday 10th of July 2013

Cute! My creative 3 year old would love this one! He also loves Elmo Calls- he gets to facetime with Elmo! And he likes Letter School a lot right now. He used to be obsessed with Peekaboo barn too, That's a great app for toddlers!