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Purple Spray Bottles (Water Fun!)

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I cannot begin to tell you how crazy the weather has been around here!   We go from rain, rain, rain to blazing hot days!  Last week, we had a super hot day and we decided to have some water fun.  I had just picked up some liquid water color from Discount School Supply, and it was time for some experimenting!

To begin, we filled up a couple of spray bottles with some water and a touch of purple water color.   The girls loved the colored water, but it didn’t show up on the driveway like I had hoped.   It did however, show up pretty well on the garage siding, and they had a lot of fun with that!

Water Color Fun

We also filled up a condiment style squeeze bottle with some purple water and that DID show up on the driveway.  Of course, it also emptied out about ten times as fast!

Water Color Fun

We did some experimenting with the number of drops of water color as well as checking out how the spray showed up on various surfaces.

Water Color Fun

Then we decided to get the pool out!  At first, I just wanted to dump in some liquid water color for the “Wow” factor, but the girls ended up making their own game with the squirt bottles that lasted much longer!

Pool Time Cat Face

As they emptied out the squirt bottles, the water got more and more purple and that was quite a delight for them.

There’s lot of other squirt bottle activities you can try as well.

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What About You?

What kind of stay cool activities are you doing this summer?

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