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Fruit Cutting Activity

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Add this Fruit Cutting Activity to your learning radar! The kids will love having the independence to be creative and learn how to use scissors to cut out pictures. Perfect for fine motor skills!

Grab the scissors and get ready to watch the kids’ learning soar! This is the perfect freebie that they can work on at home!

The fun part about having a cutting packet like this is that it can be printed anytime.

This can be done right then and there or take with you on a vacation or trip. It’s fun to have learning options and activities no matter where you are!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Learning how to cut and use scissors offers great learning benefits. This printable has various fruits, with dotted lines leading to the fruits.

The kids will learn how to hold scissors, follow directions, and cut while going in different directions.

What it includes:

The printable fruit packet includes multiple pages of dotted lines and fruits. Each page focuses on the fruit, with dotted lines that go to the fruit or around the fruit.

The kids can use the scissors to cut along the dotted lines or even grab a marker and trace the line first before cutting it.

Each page focuses on pictures of fruit, with cutting lines on the pages as well.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though these printables are to be used for scissor skills, that doesn’t mean that the kids can’t have more fun learning options.

Here are some fun educational ideas they’ll love learning and doing!

Make a fruit salad

Making a fruit salad with children is a fun activity and an opportunity to teach them about different fruits and their nutritional benefits.

Children can learn the importance of eating various colorful fruits for a balanced diet. In addition to learning about nutrition, they can practice their fine motor skills by cutting and slicing fruits with a safe, child-friendly knife.

Encourage children to try new fruits and discuss their flavor and texture. This activity can also be a chance to introduce children to basic kitchen skills, such as washing produce and measuring ingredients.

Making a fruit salad with kids is a great way to promote healthy habits and create lasting memories in the kitchen.

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Draw pictures of fruit

Drawing pictures of various fruits with children is an interactive and educational way to introduce them to new foods while encouraging their visual and artistic skills.

This simple activity teaches children to identify different fruits, understand their unique shapes and colors, and even explore their nutritional benefits.

Moreover, drawing with kids can be a delightful bonding experience that brings families or communities together in a shared spirit of learning and creativity.

Create a fun new fruit

The process of creating a new fruit with kids can be both educational and engaging. It fosters creativity and imagination and encourages children to think outside the box and experiment with different textures, colors, and tastes.

Gather various fruits and have the kids brainstorm different combinations and possibilities. Consider the aesthetics and practicality of the fruit, such as its ability to be peeled and eaten and any potential health benefits it may provide.

Through this process, children can learn about plant biology and the science behind hybridization. Creating a new fruit with kids is a valuable learning experience that can inspire a lifetime of curiosity and exploration.



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