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20+ Festive Holiday Mocktails You’ll Love

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This is the most wonderful time of the year and having a winter celebration wouldn’t be complete without one of these Festive Holiday Mocktails!

Seriously, if you’re planning a Christmas party where kids will be in attendance, having a fun mocktail available for them is a necessity–and these mocktails will be quite the treat.

But, if you’re just here for the non-alcoholic beverage, not so much for the holidays, you should definitely check out my other mocktails for kids recipes. You’ll find everything you need for a fun party drink.

you and your kids will love these alcohol free drinks for Christmas

But back to these holiday mocktails–and how awesome they are. If you can imagine, you have so many options and only just a handful of holiday parties to bring drinks to.

So, let’s get mixin’!

Make sure to check out my Christmas Mocktails for Kids recipes as well!

What is a Mocktail?

Festive non-alcoholic drinks for parties or special occasions that are more visually appealing and, frankly, fun than a regular drink.

Sometimes styled after real cocktails, the mocktail is more like the Shirley Temple of drinks. Always virgin and always tasty. If you have a favorite cocktail, odds are that there’s a mocktail made to taste just like it.

There are literally thousands of mocktail recipes out there and so much fun to be had.

Are Mocktails Safe for Children?

Are you crazy?! Of course they are! Mocktails contain no alcohol (hence the whole “mock” thing) and is usually just an awesome blend of fruit juice and soda.

There is quite a bit of sugar in them, so I wouldn’t want to make mocktails the ONLY thing the boys drink, but for a party or special occasion, a mocktail is definitely on the menu.

I’ve made Halloween mocktails, Hawaiian mocktails and everything from A-Z.

And faux cocktails for Christmas are a definite must for the kids.

More Tips for Making Mocktails

Making mocktails does not have to be a chore. It can be a ton of fun if you let it. So, I’ve pulled together some of the best holiday party drink tips I’ve got to help you get your festive drink on.

  • First, break out the best cups, glasses and serving-ware. If you have a crystal punchbowl, go for it. If you have a cocktail shaker–get shakin’. It’s all about going over the top, so roll with it.
  • Speaking of going over the top, do that with the ice cubes. If you can manage it, make your ice cubes in crazy shapes or colors. But bring the ice–lots of it.
  • Make homemade simple syrup and infuse it with fruit or herbs—or both. Nothing says yummy like a little fruit flavored tastiness. You can make a big batch in your slow cooker if you’re planning a big party–or a small batch on the stove for just a close get-together.
  • Add some sparkling water to your non-alcoholic Christmas cocktails to make them go just a wee bit further.
  • Grab crazy straws and stirrers–and let the kids get wild with them. No straws? Grab a candy cane for your cranberry juice mocktail. Seriously, get creative and enjoy!
easy and delicious holiday mocktail recipes

Now, I know that you’re just raring to go to make a tester-drink. But before you go, be sure to pin this to your favorite drink recipes board on Pinterest.

That way you can find it again when you realize that your party needs more than one drink!

Can mocktail drink recipes be served all year long? 

Serving mocktail recipes all year long is a great way to enjoy the subtle flavors of seasonal fruits, herbs, and veggies in every season!

With some simple ingredients expertly combined into delicious drinks with no alcohol added, these creative beverages are sure to bring an extra spark to any occasion.

From “Pineapple Agua Fresca” for hot summer days to “Root Beer Float” for cool winter evenings–there’s something suitable for everyone–all year round!

Adding a touch of elegantly decorative swirls or zest with a taste of freshness can put everyone in good spirits while eliminating doubts about excessive drinking.

As people grow more interested in health-conscious alternatives than the regular carbonated soft drinks they have gotten used to, mocktails are here to stay.

What makes mocktails different from cocktails?

Mocktails differ from cocktails in a few different ways. Unlike cocktails, mocktails are non-alcoholic mock versions of traditional alcoholic beverages.

They are made using many of the same ingredients that are found in their cocktail counterparts, except without the alcohol.

As such, mocktails can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age and drinking habits.

Whereas traditionally, cocktails contain spirits as the main ingredient, mocktails usually contain fruit juices and other components like syrups, sparkling drinks, or tonic waters to make them more fun and creative.

The lack of alcohol in a mocktail also makes for an overall lighter drink, allowing for more flavors to shine through than what’s available with a cocktail.

This makes for an overall tastier experience when compared to its alcoholic counterpart.

Are mocktails served hot or cold?

Mocktails are a unique and delicious beverage that can be served in either hot or cold form.

If you’re looking for a way to cool off on a hot summer day, nothing beats sipping an icy, fruity-flavored mocktail.

On the other hand, during cold winter days, some people prefer their mocktails steaming hot and topped with cinnamon or nutmeg for a comforting warm drink.

No matter how you choose to enjoy them, mocktails offer an enjoyable alternative whenever you have abstained from alcohol.

Best of all, they can often be just as flavorful as cocktails and much healthier too.

How many flavors of mocktails are there?

Mocktails are a fun and delicious way to stay hydrated! The flavor combinations available in mocktails are endlessly creative and can include everything from fruit juices to herbs, spices, and syrups.

Whether you have a sweet tooth, like something with a little bit of thrill, or you’re looking for something more subtle and refreshing – there is always something right for the occasion.

With so many different flavors around, it’s no wonder that mocktail options seem endless!

Where are the Festive Holiday Mocktails Recipes?

Oh, good question, I’m so ready just talking about these awesome festive mocktail recipes that I just can’t wait…so here they are:

Festive Holiday Mocktails

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