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Fall Cutting Practice for Preschoolers

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This fall, encourage your little ones to practice their scissor skills with these printables featuring fall cutting practice for preschoolers.

It takes much practice for kids to learn to properly use scissors. They must build fine motor muscles in their hands as well as hand-eye coordination to become proficient with scissors.

By giving your preschooler worksheets like these fall cutting practice pages, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with scissors until they’re cutting like a champ!

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Fall Cutting Practice for Preschoolers

I love that these worksheets require no prep work. Just print and go! If your preschoolers like to color, print these pages on white paper. Let them color each of the images before cutting out the shapes.

If they don’t like to color, print the pages on colored printer paper. You should be able to find a pack of bright colored paper that contains yellow, green, and orange for fall.

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You can print these pages over and over again until they’re proficient with each shape before moving on to the next one. I suggest starting with the square and rectangle since they have straight lines.

Then, move on to the star with its zig-zag lines before trying the circle and oval with their curved lines.

Once your kids have colored and cut out the shapes, you could laminate them and put them on popsicle sticks. Then, your kids can use them to tell stories or to retell their favorite fall picture books.

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Use these great resources for more learning fun. Simply click the image to see the learning activity!

Expand on this worksheet set with some fun Leaf Crafts for Kids or other Fall educational items.

Be sure to spend some time talking about shapes when presenting these activities to your preschoolers. Name the shapes. Discuss their uniqueness – number of sides, corners, etc.

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