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Dolch Sight Words Worksheets: Week 21

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We are one week away from wrapping up the 22 weeks of Dolch Sight Words Worksheets!  So, by the end of the next week, your child should have mastered 220 sight words.  Can you believe it?  If your child is still struggling with certain words, make note of them.  Then, spend another week on just those words, no matter what level they are.  Or, start the entire series over.

You can find past Dolch Sight Words Worksheets here: All Dolch Sight Words Worksheets

words like kind, laugh, myself

Click the above image to download and print.

Dolch Sight Words Worksheets Included:

  • Flash Cards
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Coloring Page
  • Matching
  • Instructions for use

List of Dolch Sight Words Includedkind, laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick

Dolch Sight Words Level: Third Grade Level You can find past Dolch Sight Words Worksheets here: All Dolch Sight Words Worksheets

Dolch Sight Word Games & Books:

Here are a few of my top picks to help you reinforce the sight words to your kids!

Sharing is caring!

Susan W

Sunday 15th of June 2014

Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop!

Brenda Larson

Thursday 12th of June 2014

Wil like to see these in a different font - without the old fashioned 'g' and 'a' and curly 't'.

Kelli Miller

Thursday 12th of June 2014

Thanks for your feedback, Brenda :-) My kids are in the public school system and this is the font they use. So, I tried to keep it similar to keep down their confusion. :-)