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Dental Health Cutting Sheets

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Dental Health Cutting Sheets are perfect for World Smile Day which is the first Friday of October. Use these at the dentist scissor skills worksheets for cutting practice for preschoolers. Make certain to check out my other preschool homeschooling worksheets.

These free printables are perfect for a dental health theme. Scissor cutting is great for fine motor activities as well as hand-eye coordination.

If you want to help kids develop their scissor skills, these printables are great. Anytime you can get scissor practice, take it!

What is the theme of this printable?

Each piece of paper in the pack is all about taking care of your teeth. Seeing a person smile is a great reminder of the importance of dental health.

This mini printable pack is great for World Smile Day!

What it includes:

Each piece of paper includes dotted lines for the kids to cut on. As they cut paper, remind them of the importance of brushing teeth and taking care of their dental health.

They’ll cut along the dotted lines and all different directions and angles.

Fun ways to use this printable:

You can use these printables as they are but why not branch out and try something fun! Below are just a few other ways that you can use the printable for learning fun.

Watch the Tooth Fairy movie

A little screen time with Dwayne Johnson is always a good idea! When a kid loses a tooth, the tooth fairy comes – but seeing him as the tooth fairy is comedy gold!

Show off smiles as acts of kindness

Have the kids smile and show off their baby teeth! Flashing those smiles is a great way for the kids to make some else’s day! They’ll love being able to smile and bring a smile to others easily.

Make up a fun song to sing when brushing teeth

Wondering if the kids are brushing their teeth long enough? Just make up a fun new tooth song that will have them scrubbing away on those teeth!

Give them the choice to make up the song on their own so that they can have a blast cleaning their teeth and being proud of their brushing efforts.

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