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Best Trolls Toys for Kids

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Although the Trolls movie came out in October 2016, it is still super popular today!  Children are in love with those neat little DreamWorks creatures – as we were back in the day. LOL!  This list of the best Trolls toys for kids will up your superhero-ness with your children.  Check out my other gift ideas for everyone as well. 

Best Trolls Toys for Kids

So, be sure to add a few of these toddler toys or toys for older kids to your next gift buying spree.

These Trolls Crafts and Activities for Kids make a great addition to your arsenal Moms!  Especially for the kids that just love all things Trolls!

Best Trolls Toys for Kids:

The following affiliate link trolls toys are perfect for kids of all ages, from toddlers to middle school!

KRE-O DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Coronation Party set lets kids build and decorate a scene to celebrate Poppy’s special day! The set features fun and fabulous hair accessories so kids can flip and swap hair to customize and create cool hairdos.

From the DreamWorks Animation movie, this line of dolls and playsets lets kids express their true colors through a variety of play patterns. It’s all about bright colors, fun songs, funky fashion, and wild hair — definitely the hair!

The set includes 4 different hanging pods, including 1 with a lounge area for the 5-inch DreamWorks Trolls Poppy figure to swing. Send Poppy and her friends (additional figures sold separately) zooming from the top to bottom by clipping their hair to the zipline. That’s not the only way down – the tree also has a slide for getting down in a hurry.

In the Operation Game: DreamWorks Trolls edition, Poppy and her friends have tiny charms stuck in their flowing hair and need help getting them out! Collect the charms from the Troll’s colorful hair… but be careful!

This roller skate and knee pad set has just what a Trolls fan needs to get rolling! The PlayWheels Trolls Kids Roller Skates with Knee Pads are perfect for kids learning how to skate. This combination set comes with adjustable skates and durable, protective kneepads for superior safety. Fit and adjust for a variety of junior foot sizes with the convenient thumb screw – no tools required! These solid beginner skates also feature simple-to-use toe brakes for easy slowing and stopping.

Dreamworks Trolls Bowling Set – Set includes 6 pins and 1 bowling ball with HD printed graphics. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Ages 3 and up

Create colorful Play-Doh hairstyles for Dreamworks Trolls characters. Place a character in the chair and press to grow silly hair. Shape fun styles with the book-mold and accessories with the half-molds. Cut it all off with the scissors and start all over again!

Dreamworks Trolls Nail Art Set, Includes: 240 Nail Gems, 42 Stickers, 7 Polishes, Carrying Bag

Trolls Charm Bracelet Kit – Includes Trolls PVC character charms Epoxy charms, a variety of colorful flocked and wooden beads and elastic, and instructions

Listen to your favorite tunes with Trolls hair on your head. Trolls Poppy character graphics and stylish hair lets you bring Poppy with you wherever you go.

The Trolls sing-along boombox is here so you can sing all of your favorite songs. throw a party and be the star. The Trolls sing along boombox comes with a real working microphone so you can sing your heart out. The built in music allows you to sing to some of your favorite music from trolls. Plug in your MP3 player and sing to what ever playlist you like.

The Poppy Style Station provides hours of imagination and hair-styling fun with Poppy’s colorful hair and styling accessories

Hedstrom Hopper Balls promote coordination, balance, and exercise. This is one of the best toys for children’s exercise and because kids can hop either inside or outside this is a must have toy for any child.

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