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I Spy Count the Solar System Printable

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This I Spy in the Solar System printable helps little ones begin to understand that within the our solar system there are stars, the moon, the sun, planets and other types of celestial formations.

It’s never too early for kids to start learning about the solar system. Teach them that it’s filled with amazing celestial bodies. They’ll wonder about the mysterious black holes, and nebula, and asteroids.

This moon landing scene in this I Spy in the Solar System Printable serves as a visual that can launch a discussion of the various things that we can “spy” in the solar system. Point out and discuss what the items are called.

I Spy the Solar System Printable Count the Planets

Then, let your kids count the stars in the solar system.

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7 Ways to Use the I Spy in the Solar System Printable

  1. Use the I Spy page to build counting skills by counting the pre-selected items.
  2. Tell them to circle any planet that they see.
  3. See if you can connect the stars to form some constellations.
  4. Identify any planet that can be seen. Discuss which planets are not seen.
  5. Talk about the difference between comets and asteroids.

For your preschoolers stick with the simple counting activity knowing they’ll be counting beyond 1-10. Help them to identify the visible planets in the scene.

2 Extension Activities to Explore Along with the Printable

  1. Review the history of the moon landing
  2. Talk about the Mission to Mars with your kids

Use the other options with elementary aged children to help reinforce any solar system learning they may be doing.

Our solar system is a really big place. Often in early education focus is maintained on just the planets, sun and moon. But, our system contains vast amounts of stars and other celestial bodies. You can begin laying a foundation for later learning by helping your child to become familiar with the different things our universe holds.

Solar system learning helps children to develop their language vocabulary skills, scientific knowledge and perhaps ignite a passion for aerospace engineering. This printable adds in a bit of math as well.

What about you? What ways are you teaching your little ones to love the solar system? Are you incorporating hands-on activities, or focused more on reading fact-based books?

This I Spy in the Solar System printable is free, print enough for all of your children and use it as a stepping stone to explain even more mysteries of the universe.

I Spy the Solar System Printable Count the Planets

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