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3 Little Pigs Easy Reader Printable

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This 3 Little Pigs Easy Reader Printable is the perfect way to help the kids have their book to read. It focuses on synonyms which is such a fun topic to learn about! Pair this with my other 3 Little Pig Printables for a fun lesson!

Each page has fun pictures to see and color; they can also use those pages to sound out and read all the words.

Use this fun printable book as a simple way for the kids to learn to love reading. Print, grab the crayons, and let them explore each page!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Where do I start? I LOVE this printable book for kids because each page offers something new. The 3 Little Pigs Activities and Free Printables were created for them to color, read, draw on, and learn.

The book focuses on teaching them about synonyms, so they’ll also have a great time learning that new concept.

What it includes:

With this book, there are so many fun pages! They can read the story the 3 Little Pigs presented while coloring and adding their fun creativity.

Just print, and let them have a blast. It includes a story, the outlines and pictures of the animals, and the ability to be proud of a book once they’re done!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Everyone knows printing a book and letting the kids have fun is simple, but there can be more!

Here are other fun ways to use this free book for kids to launch and learn more!

Make a play about the three little pigs

Making a 3 Little Pigs play can be a fun and exciting project for children and adults alike. To start, decide on a script or write your own, keeping in mind the original story but also adding creative twists or modern elements.

Next, gather materials for costumes and props, such as cardboard boxes for a pig house or straw hats for the pigs.

Consider involving the audience with interactive elements, like having them blow down the “houses.” Rehearsing with the cast is essential, as is deciding on the best location and set design for the performance.

With careful planning and effort, a 3 Little Pigs play can be a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Play a game to learn about synonyms

Looking for a way to teach kids about synonyms in a fun and interactive way? Look no further than “Synonym Bingo”!

This educational game not only helps children understand the concept of synonyms but also allows them to practice their vocabulary and language skills.

Players can take turns calling out synonyms for words on their game cards, and the first one to get bingo wins the round.

Not only is this game a great way to build language proficiency but it’s also guaranteed to keep kids engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Create their own book

Making a book is an exciting and creative way for children to express themselves. Encouraging kids to make their books can also help to develop their writing, storytelling, and illustration skills.

As they brainstorm ideas, create characters, and write their story in their own words, children can use their imagination and share their unique perspectives with the world.

Even better, once their book is complete, they have the satisfaction of knowing they created something extraordinary and unique.

Whether it’s a short story or a full-length novel, letting kids make their book is a fantastic way to help them develop and grow as budding writers and storytellers.



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