The Ladybug Game Counting Cards {Family Game Night}

Thank you 3 Boys and a Dog for having me over today!  I’m excited to share one of our favorite family games for the last few years: The Ladybug Game!

ladybug count and clip card coverWe fell in love with this game when we received it as a gift.  Our children are young and my preschoolers don’t know how to read, but this game lets them play right along anyway!  It was actually originally created by a 6-year old and while it does not require any reading, it does require the kiddos to count, interpret symbols, and take turns…all great skills for young children!

It is also the perfect end to a ladybug filled day!  The weather is just warming up enough that we are starting to see more ladybugs.  The kids love to hold them, talk about their color, count their spots, and look for good ladybug “hiding places.”

Did you know that ladybugs hibernate?  They also eat garden pests like aphids, and can secrete a smelly yellowish liquid from their “knees” as a defense mechanism!

 You can spend weeks learning with ladybugs!  To help out, I’m sharing this {FREE} Ladybug Count & Clip Card set!  It’s perfect for preschoolers and other young children learning numbers.  The clipping action also helps strengthen small muscles in their hands to help prepare for writing and cutting!

I also have a free ladybug card craft here and a week long ladybug unit that you can buy here!

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