Holiday Recipe Link Up: Mardi Gras


Although popular belief says that Mardi Gras in the US started in New Orleans, that belief is wrong.  It actually started in what is now Mobile, AL (where I am from).  I went to school with quite a few Cains – don’t know what that means? Well, lucky you, you can find out about Joe Cain right here! If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have Mardi Gras Celebrations now.  He brought it back to us! Go, Joe! Smile

I am not sharing a recipe here because I decided that I really want there to be plenty of space for everyone to link up their favorite Mardi Gras Recipes without my own recipe distracting from it. So, the rules are pretty simple:

  • #1 – Link up your Mardi Gras recipes!
  • #2 – Tell your friends to link up theirs! NOT REQUIRED BUT REQUESTED:
  • Leave a comment to let me know you linked up. That way, I can visit you.
  • Click through to some of the other players and let them know you are there!
  • Pin, stumble, facebook, and/or tweet some of your favorite linkies.

That’s it! Be sure to stay tuned in a couple weeks when the next major holiday/event recipe linky goes live! I will not be doing it every week, but it pretty much works out to every 2 weeks with the holidays I am planning.

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  1. says

    Hi Kelli

    I’m sharing my “Neapolitan 5-layer Cake” and my “Flower-shaped Challah”
    Thanks for the invite, and thank you for hosting this party

  2. says

    I linked up the King’s Cake I made from a half-whole-wheat braided apple ring! But I think I did the picture cropping wrong (I’m using a laptop, and cropping with no mouse can be interesting at times!). Should I try again? Anyway, fun link up!