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Family Game Night inspired by LEGO

Over at Lemon Lime Adventures, we love Legos. In fact, we call our oldest son “Legoman” due to his infatuation with the toy. So when we were asked by Kelli to be part of her Family Game Night series, we knew exactly what game we would pick. Planning a Family Game Night inspired by Lego is easy to do. In fact, we made a whole day out of it.

Family Game Night Inspired by LegoOur Family Game Night was full of Lego action, consisting of lego snacks, lego science experiments, a few rounds of store bought Lego games and an action packed homemade game of Hide and Go Seek 20 Questions using our favorite stuffed lego man.

Hide and Go Seek 20 Questions with Legoman

Hide and Go Seek with LegomanMaterials for Hide and Go Seek 20 Questions


  1. 1 Person is “it” and decides where to hide Legoman.
  2. The rest of the family ask yes or no questions to get clues.
  3. Everyone takes turns asking questions.
  4. Once Legoman is found, a new person becomes “it”.

It really is that simple. My husband likes to call it “Live Action 2o Questions”.

Sample Questions:

  1. Does Legoman like to read?
  2. Is Legoman downstairs?
  3. Is Legoman hungry?
  4. Is Legoman getting ready to leave?
  5. Is Legoman sleepy?
  6. Does Legoman like the dark?

The goal is to use positional, directional, and descriptive words to get clues to find Legoman. Playing Hide and Go Seek with 2o questions encouraged language development and spatial reasoning. For younger children, you might want to use picture clues, or limit the hiding to the same room they are in, instead of opening it to the whole house.

Hiding Legoman Can Be Just as Fun as Finding Him

Lego Hide and Seek for Family Game NightLegoman can hide anywhere. In our house, we like to hide him in plain sight doing activities we like to do. Think Elf on the Shelf, but with the kids using their imaginations to decide where he should be found next.

I am not sure if the boys have more fun hiding for finding. I do know that the whole family gets involved.

Family Game Night with Baby

Even the baby, Super B. Family game night is a great way to encourage communication, bonding and problem solving between everyone in the family. Every time we play games together, I feel more at peace, more loving and more connected with my family.

What is your favorite game to play with your family? Have you made a game up with your children recently?

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About Dayna

Dayna is a National Board Certified teacher with over 12 years of experience in the primary classroom. She recently began homeschooling her 3 children against her will. She writes at Lemon Lime Adventures, where she writes about the trials and errors of their life, life living as a blended family, and dealing with a son with Sensory Processing Disorder. You can find Dayna rockin’ it over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and G+!


  1. Neat ideas, love the 20 questions a lot! Thanks for sharing your family fun ideas :)
    Valerie @Glittering Muffins´s last blog post ..Beginning letter sound games

  2. Cute idea! We actually have a similar game called where is sock monkey. My kids love it and have decided to use other animal from time to time. It would be fun with out the little prompting cards now that the girls are older!

  3. Oh my goodness, how fun! Thank you for linking up to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Bloghop!
    Ashley´s last blog post ..Thoughtful Spot Weekly Bloghop #30

  4. What a fun game!! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to play this with my kids! :)
    Valerie´s last blog post ..The Three Phases of Timeout

  5. Neat idea. We pkay a game similar to this–nice to be able to add to it. Pinning & sharing :)

  6. My son and his dad love Legos, but it never occurred to me that a cuddly stuffed Lego person could exist! We will have to look into this as our son also loves stuffed creatures.

    A couple of months ago, my son and I made up a game show for math practice, fun, and excitement. I was surprised at how long he wanted to keep playing this relatively simple game–and it was nice and easy for me while I was recovering from an illness.
    Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook´s last blog post ..A Real Man


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