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Over 10 Things to Cook with an Iron

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When you’re getting ready to start college, you generally have a pretty long to-do list: register for classes, find your dorm, learn who your advisor is, choose a major (sometimes that one doesn’t happen for a couple of years), buy furniture, pick up your books (and cry at the price tag), and so on.

One of the things that might not be on your to-do list is “learn to cook”. And really? Who has time to worry about cooking when they’re in college? Between assignments, projects, papers, and tests, your schedule is pretty full.  You don’t really have space for a stove or microwave in most dorm rooms anyway!

So – make eating on campus easier by checking out these things to cook with an iron! And yes, we’re talking about an actual clothes ironing iron. 🙂

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Over 10 Things to Cook with an Iron

Over 10 Things to Cook with an Iron

Note: It’s best to cover your food with aluminum foil before you use the iron. That way, you can keep your food looking good and avoid making a mess of your iron. 😉

1. Grilled cheese – Let’s start with the simplest first, right? Assemble the sandwich however you like. Then wrap the sandwich in foil and iron it while the iron is on low. Simple!

2. Bacon – Sizzle up some strips on the iron! Lay the foil on the iron and spray the side of the foil on which you will be cooking. Heat the iron to medium, lay a few strips of bacon on the foil, and cook until crispy!

3. Eggs – Scramble an egg or two the same way you’d cook the bacon. Spray the foil – top side up – then lay it on the iron. Heat to medium-high and crack an egg on top! You might want to make a little foil bowl by folding up the sides to avoid runny eggs.

4. Quesadilla – Wrap up a flour tortilla with cheese and cooked meat. Butter the outside of the tortilla. Wrap the quesadilla in foil and iron it on medium. Done!

5. Toast – For this one, you won’t use foil. After all, you want your toast toasted! Just turn the iron on and lay it on each slice of bread for 30 seconds or so until you see the bread start to toast. Butter and serve as usual.

6. Enchilada – Roll up a tortilla with your desired filling. Wrap it in foil and iron it gently. Unwrap and top with enchilada sauce.

7. Breakfast sandwich – Toast an English muffin using the directions for toast above. Assemble a breakfast sandwich, wrap in foil, and iron until heated.

8. Pop Tarts – Heat up your favorite breakfast pastry on an iron! Lay a piece of foil on the ironing board. Place the Pop-Tart on the foil frosting side down. Turn the iron on medium and lay it on the unfrosted side of the Pop-Tart for about 30 seconds.

9. Breakfast sausage – Slice up pork sausage and place on a sprayed piece of aluminum foil. Lay the foil on the iron and heat the iron to medium-high. Heat until the sausage sizzles and is cooked through.

10. Waffles – That’s right. We’re ironing some waffles. Follow the directions for making toast above, then top with syrup!

11. Panini sandwich – Okay, for this one you’ll need 2 irons, so borrow one from a friend. 🙂 Toast the bread using the directions in #5. Then assemble your sandwich. Wrap the whole thing in foil and press it between two medium-heat irons for a minute or two.

Things to Cook with an Iron

Resources to Cook with an Iron:

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