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Brownie S’mores Recipe

A family favorite dessert recipe is s’mores. S’mores are easy to make and involves little prep work which makes them ideal for camping trips and bonfires. If you are on Pinterest, then I’m sure you have seen all the variations on traditional s’mores – like these awesome smores recipes! Hate the mess that S’Mores make?  …

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Trifle Dessert Recipes

I just love the way trifle dessert recipes look.  Don’t you?  The layers usually starkly contrast with each other making beautiful layers inside a clear glass bowl.  The bowls themselves are typically pretty as well!  Build a trifle dessert for your next gathering and wow your friends and family! Trifle Dessert Recipes: With 3 very active …

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Butterfinger S’mores Recipe

Have fun in the kitchen and create some new variations to some of your traditional family favorites. One family favorite to play around with is the smore! S’mores are so easy to make and just as easy to make into a new dessert. Think about all the possibilities when you start adding in other candy! …

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