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Patriot Day Worksheets for Elementary Students

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Print out this collection of Patriot Day worksheets for elementary students. They’re perfect for remembering and observing the events that took place on September 11, 2001.

Do you remember where you were on that fateful day? I do. I believe most of us will never forget. I was teaching 4th grade in Horn Lake, MS. We watched it unfold on TV throughout the day.

The following year, I left teaching to start my homeschool journey. My oldest, a rising third grader, had little recollection of that day. My three year old had none.

So, I started reading books to them and finding activities that would help them learn more about what happened that day. We watched small news clips. We listened to pieces of the roll call they did on the radio. We talked about what a hero is and is not.

Now, September 11 is known as Patriot Day and we take that day to remember the first responders and those who lost their lives.

Patriot Day Worksheets for Elementary Students

I’ve created this set of Patriot Day worksheets to help your students learn more about what happened that day.

I suggest checking out some books from the library that tell about the events of September 11. There are many that are written specifically for kids so they can learn the facts of what happened that day.

This worksheet packet contains 8 activity pages designed for kids in grades 1-3.

Inside this pack, you’ll find the following activities:

• KWL Chart: Kids can record what they already know, what they want to learn, and what they learn throughout the unit.

• 2 Writing Prompts: One page is designed for kids to record what they know about Patriot Day. The other is for kids to tell what they think a hero is.

• Venn Diagram: Kids will compare and contrast Patriot Day and the Fourth of July.

• Word Search: Find patriotic words going both across and up/down. There are no diagonal words in this puzzle.

• ABC Order: Kids will put a series of 12 words in alphabetical order.

• Make a Word: How many words can your kids make from the letters in Patriot Day? They can cut out the letters to manipulate as they search for new words to create.

• Decorate a Ribbon: Kids can decorate a ribbon to symbolize Patriot Day. They can color a design with crayons or markers.

Patriot Day Books for Kids:

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