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How to Prepare Your Autistic Son for Preschool

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It’s no secret that preschool is generally a big adjustment for almost every child. After all, being away from home is scary.

Preparing your autistic son for preschool usually comes with additional worries. But, there’s no reason to panic! It is possible to get through the process without an excessive amount of major difficulty. Keep reading, to learn more.

As you gear up for preschool and the panic of preparing your autistic son for school begins to set in, don’t worry!  Trust me, it will all be ok!  I did it and millions before me have done it.  It won’t be easy, but raising children never is. Hugs, Momma!

preschool prep for your autistic son

Remember Your Child is Just a Toddler

While it’s true your son is autistic, he’s also just a toddler. Don’t make the same mistake so many other parents do. Whenever possible, make sure he’s ready to handle an educational environment before you permanently enroll him in a program.

Some preschools have a “trial program,” per se, allowing you to introduce your child to the idea of school two or three hours per week. Ask about staying with him, at first, to make both of you feel more comfortable.

Inquire about the Use of Visual Aids

If your son tends to be more of a visual learner, inquire about taking pictures of the school and the classroom before the term actually begins. This way, you can talk about the pictures together and explain how things work on a typical day in class.

Talk to the Teacher about Discipline Policies

Take the time to sit down with your son’s teacher (and any other classroom staff members) to talk about their discipline policies. Explain what you do at home, when a meltdown situation occurs. Try to come to an agreement about how the teacher will handle any problem that might occur.

Practice Basic Social Skills

Chances are, you’ve already started teaching your son basic social skills to include good manners. Let’s face it, all kids need to learn them. And, there’s never a bad time to start or brush up on what they already know.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare your autistic son for preschool. Remember, it’s always best to take things slow. Rushing into it  causes more confusion and anxiety for everyone.

Sharing is caring!

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