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Holiday Gift Guide: Cat, Kitty, Kitten

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Scratching posts, beds, treats, and clothing… what does your feline have on her wish list this year?  Hopefully one of these unique products will fit the bill.

Kitty Garden

This vintage-inspired wooden box comes with areas to grow fresh grass for your kitten in a variety of grass flavors:  oat, wheat, barley, and rye grass.  In addition to being a delicious treat for felines, the grass also helps in digestion.

Like people, cats need vegetables in their diet to aid in digestion and to provide balanced nutrition. Kitty’s Garden supplies your cat with the tasty green grass that it craves, and gives cats a safe alternative to nibbling on your houseplants, which can be potentially toxic to them if swallowed. All you do to serve your cat is place Kitty’s Garden near their food dish or in some other place they’ll find it

Mom Says:  I had honestly never heard of anything like this before, but it really is a super great idea!  You get to have greenery in your house and don’t have to worry about negative side effects on your pets!

TRIXIE’s My Kitty Darling Castle

TRIXIE’s My Kitty Darling Castle will provide endless opportunities for kittens and small breed cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on the durable, sisal scratching post instead of on your furniture or carpet.

If a nap or place to hide is in order, your little princess can crawl inside the condo base which is covered with plush inside and out. The top platform even has a removable ring-shaped bed that can be used separately. The bed even has a reversible cushion for added comfort (machine wash gentle). We’ve added a two plush cushion inserts to make things extra cozy. Feeling spunky? Jump, climb or perch atop the platform and peek inside the plush castle tower featuring a foil inlay, or play with the dangling plush toy. We’ve even included a removable play cloth with foil inlay at the base of the castle for added fun. T he bold tones are sure to make a statement in any home.

Mom Says:  Isn’t this the most beautiful and whimsical kitty bed/playground you have seen?

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*Disclaimer:  What you will see throughout the month of November are my top picks based on customer service, quality, uniqueness, and value for your buck.  If they are kid toys then they also have to be kid-approved by my children and nieces!  Any opinions stated are strictly my own!  No money changed hands, although the items were sent to me to help facilitate my reviews.*

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