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The Secret to Getting Things Done!

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Getting things done when they are due is very important to everyone! It is exceedingly difficult when your mind is filled with other tasks that need to be done. Whenever an individual has a lot of work to do, they always seem overwhelmed and feel like they don’t know where to begin. It is just normal to feel that way, but all that can change with a very simple change to how you work: perform a brain dump!

In reality, it has helped many individuals to manage their task effectively and efficiently and it has really helped to manage and stay on top of every task. You would be amazed at the list of successful people who have learned the art of getting things done; they mastered the simple tips to brain dump. It is certainly something that you can learn, and use to your best advantage.

how to defeat to do list overwhelm

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Here Are Few Tips On How To Brain Dump:

  1. Note down your tasks:

The first thing to do is get a pen and a note to write down all the tasks running in your head! Jotting down the tasks that needs to be done helps you set your goals and your objectives right. You can start writing your list now, even those little things that might come in between your major tasks! When writing your ideas down, make sure you separate your social task, personal task and work task to ensure easy execution later.

  1. Set your need and want in order of priority:

If you want to be getting things done, you must set your major tasks as your scale of preference in order for them to be easy to accomplish. Set your wants and needs into two different roles and set a time limit to achieve them. It is very important you separate them this way so that your brain is not moving all over the place. Your brain will be focusing on one type of thing at a time and this makes your brain drain easier.

  1. Evaluate your list:

There is a need for you to evaluate your already created list. When you look at each of your created lists, you can shuffle your list down to a more manageable size. If your list is too large, you will never get that feeling of success as you will only be focused on that large list of things you still need to cross off.

You can also move some of your tasks from one list to another during this exercise as well if you feel it’s appropriate.  Especially those tasks that are important but not urgent.

  1. You should be in possession of the right tools:

When using brain dumping techniques, you need to equip yourself with the right tools! You should start with a journal or planner. Doing this will help you trick your brain in making you think that you have everything structured out. With this level of organization, you don’t need to stress yourself, everything will just seem easy for you. When you actually attach your activities to a planner, you achieve more with less stress. You can use the tracker to plan your daily needs and other related tasks.

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  1. Make your weekend all about you:

Every weekend always sit down with your planner and go through your uncompleted tasks of the week. We are only human and sometimes, we just can’t just do everything! That is no problem at all and why sitting down during the weekend just to go through everything will help keep you from stressing yourself about it.

When you follow our few tips on how to brain dump, you should be able to achieve the maximum benefits of this system to it’s fullest potential. You can enjoy a life that has less stress and more freedom while moving mountains in your life.

the secret to getting things done

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A brain dump is a powerful tool, especially when you feel overwhelmed.  Seeing the big picture, braking that down into big projects, and then each project down into actionable tasks can really help you achieve stress free productivity.

You will find that when you spend time on your weekly review and perform a new brain dump at that time, that you will learn the art of stress free work!  All it takes is having a productivity system in place.

Mine is a conglomerate of the GTD System by David Allen, 43 folders, and my own thing.  So, each week, I grab a sheet of paper, create a list and move on.  I sort my papers into file folders and prioritize all my open loops into my Agendio planner.

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Randi | Confessions of Parenting

Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

These are great tips. I am constantly forgetting what I need to get done. Writing them down on sticky notes and also putting them in order of priority are great ideas.


Thursday 17th of January 2019

Hi, this is Kristina from Thrifty Thursday. Thanks for the great post. As someone who is all about making lists and goals and prioritizing, I can totally appreciate this tip! I know I have to do a brain dump at the end of every day. I list all of the tasks I want to accomplish the next day. I can't sleep peacefully until all of those thoughts are out of my head haha!

Kelli Miller

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

That is a great idea to brain dump the evening before! I should star doing this!

Clearissa Coward

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

Very informative article. I especially love make your weekend all about you. That can be difficult to do for a blogger. But good advice. Thank you for sharing with us at #OMHGWW. I hope to see you again next week.

K. Rupp

Tuesday 15th of January 2019

Great article! With 3 kids and trying to manage a household and all of their activities, I always find time management challenging. Thanks for the tips. Saw your post at inspire me tues. party:)