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Cinco de Mayo Preschool Activity Pack

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Do you want a fun and educational way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your little one? Look no further! This Cinco de Mayo Preschool Activity Pack is bursting with activities and simple learning fun that are perfect for preschoolers!

We’ll explore the fun in the festive celebration while working on essential skills like counting, coloring, and letter recognition. Perfect for learning fun at home!

This activity pack is perfect for the day and a fun way to introduce themed learning to the kids! They’ll have a blast working through the pages at their own pace!

What is the learning benefit of this Cinco de Mayo Preschool Activity Pack?

This Cinco de Mayo Preschool Activity Pack isn’t just about having fun with festive themes—it’s designed to help your preschooler develop some essential developmental skills!

This introduces them to the alphabet fun and helps build a strong base for future reading and writing skills. 

The trace and color pages further develop their fine motor skills, which are crucial for correctly holding a pencil and mastering handwriting. The counting activity and number puzzle introduce basic math concepts, laying a strong foundation for future numeracy skills. 

While your little one celebrates Cinco de Mayo, this activity pack is secretly working its magic, fostering a love for learning and setting them up for future success!

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What it includes:

These printable worksheets are jam-packed with engaging activities — your one-stop shop for festive learning fun! 

Each page helps work on your child’s motor, letter recognition, coloring, and math skills.

It starts with the alphabet, where little ones can embark on a colorful adventure to “Find the Letter C” hidden amongst different letters. Next, they can practice forming letters to work on fine motor skills needed for future writing success. Visual learners will love all the fun pictures on the pages!

The fun doesn’t end here; this activity pack lets your little learner celebrate the holiday while sneaking in a fiesta of essential developmental skills!



Fun ways to use this printable:

These worksheets aren’t just about coloring and tracing. They’re full of engaging activities designed to work on many different learning skills – but don’t stop there.

Here are some exciting ways to use this pack to keep the learning fun going!

Have a Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt

This Cinco de Mayo, why not add excitement and learning to your celebration with a themed scavenger hunt for the kids? Not only is it a fantastic way to engage young minds in Mexico’s vibrant culture and history, but it also promises an afternoon filled with laughter and adventure.

You can craft clues that lead them to discover traditional Mexican items around the house or yard — think maracas, sombreros, and brightly colored blankets. Each found item could include a fun fact about Cinco de Mayo or Mexican culture, turning the day into an educational experience and a festive celebration.

It’s a perfect opportunity to blend entertainment with a teaching moment, ensuring the kids come away with treats and trinkets and a deeper appreciation for this significant holiday.



Bake Mexican-themed desserts with the kids

Baking Mexican-themed desserts with the kids promises a delightful fusion of cultural exploration and sweet treats. It’s not just about creating delicious food; it’s an engaging way to introduce children to Mexico’s vibrant flavors and traditions.

From crafting colorful sugar skull cookies to rolling out dough for homemade empanadas, each recipe offers a unique learning experience. These baking sessions provide the perfect opportunity to discuss the origins of each dessert, the importance of certain ingredients in Mexican cuisine, and even practice some Spanish vocabulary along the way.

It’s a fun, educational, and tasty activity that brings the family together, fostering creativity and a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity.

Throw a Cinco de Mayo party for the family

tart by decorating your space with vibrant colors representing the Mexican flag—green, white, and red. Incorporate traditional Mexican crafts for an authentic touch.

The menu should be a highlight, featuring popular dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, and guacamole, allowing everyone to savor the flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Enrich the party with a Mexican music playlist, and consider organizing family-friendly activities like a piñata or crafting sessions to make Frida Kahlo-inspired flower crowns.

This celebration brings the family together and serves as a vibrant, hands-on history lesson about the significance of Cinco de Mayo.

More Printable Learning Fun for the Kids:

These hands-on activities enhance their creativity and strengthen their understanding of various subjects. From colorful alphabet worksheets that ignite a love for languages to engaging math puzzles that build numerical skills, printable materials offer an accessible and exciting approach to education.

Whether for rainy day entertainment or supplementing classroom lessons, adding these printable fun sheets to your child’s learning routine can transform their educational journey into an adventure of discovery.

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Tracey M.

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

Thank you for the link to the FREEBIES! It looks great! Alyssa enjoys word searches. I recently posted my Cinco de Mayo Math post with additional links to more resources and my "Spotlight on the Crew" article with even more ideas. Please check them out if you get a chance. I would love to hear from you! Here is my math post which should get you started. See the bottom of the post for additional links. I am pinning your Freebie - hopefully you don't mind.