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Patriotic and Fun Fourth of July Memory Game

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Check out this fun Fourth of July Memory Game! This free printable will work on memory attention, problem solving, and is a great memory game for kids. If you’re looking for a fun patriotic themed game that is great for brain health, don’t miss out on this Independence Day printable!

This printable memory game for kids is such a fun way to work on cognitive function for kids, too. Print out this Independence Day memory game today!

easy printable teaches memorization to preschool aged children

Using this patriotic game to improve memory is a great idea. Plus, the kids are going to think that it’s so much fun! Celebrating the 4th of July combined with a little bit of learning is never a bad idea.

What is in this Fourth of July Memory Game printable?

This game is a great way to work on your long term and short term memory. Have the kids take a look and then see what they can actually remember. Who knows, they might shock you in their ability and knowledge!

What it includes:

What you’ll receive in this memory game printable is 2 pages full of 4th of July items that you can then cut out, turn over, and take turns trying to flip and match the pictures.

printable worksheet to teach memorization to preschoolers

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though this is labeled a matching game, there are other fun ways that you can use this printable!

Print it off and share with friends

Do you know someone else who would love having this game for something fun to do? Print and send it to them in the mail. Or just tell them to come here and download for themselves.

Create a scavenger hunt with the items

See how many items on the memory game you and the kids can find! It’s a simple way to get up and move your bodies as well.

Cut it into pieces and create fun jigsaw puzzles

After you’ve played this brain training game several times, why not make your own puzzle with it! This is just another simple way to keep those ideas coming!

teaching memorization to preschoolers in a fun patriotic theme

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